A restaurant that caters for dietary requirements: The Ninja Kitchen

When I first started eating vegan for Veganuary on the first day of the new year (see here), I hadn’t given much thought to what it would mean for eating out and meeting with friends. There is a social movement towards becoming vegan, I pay more attention to restaurants and pubs that offer a vegan menu, but when I’ve asked at some of my favourite haunts for vegan options, the choices are quite limited.

Imagine my excitement when I came across The Ninja Kitchen at Bourbon where this is a non-issue! The concept started off when Head Chef Markus travelled to Seoul, South Korea, after a trip to San Francisco in 2013, resulting in The Ninja Bun being born. Continue reading “A restaurant that caters for dietary requirements: The Ninja Kitchen”

I love Bodega’s tacos, yes I do!

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s the food I eat and make. It has to be just right, otherwise it just won’t do: noodles and pasta should be al dente; seafood should not be too chewy or too soggy; meat should be tender, not dry and tough; bread and buns should be light, soft and springy to the touch and not heavy in the stomach; portion sizes should be just right and not be too big or filling; and flavours, no matter how unusual the combination should complement each other. Edinburgh’s taqueria, Bodega, is another eatery that meets all these requirements for me.

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El Toro Loco: Mexican street food with no bull

One of my favourite ways of visiting a country and experiencing their culture is through food. It is one of the most basic needs for all living things, but from Japanese takoyaki and gyoza to Spanish chuuros and paella, it is the street food the locals enjoy that I’m most interested in. More often than not, restaurants serving food from other countries don’t often serve authentic food the locals would eat (I can definitely say for certain I hardly visit Chinese takeaways or restaurants here in the UK unless it’s in Chinatown).

On a night where a friend I were on the hunt for a small bite to eat but not quite wanting dessert, we decided to give El Toro Loco a go.

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Thai street-style dining at Ting Thai Caravan

Friends of mine know that while I love the smell of spices, I can only handle so much spice in my food. I’ve stayed away from Thai food for a long time, only because I know a lot of their food usually include lots and lots of spice. Before my friend’s wedding in Pakistan, even large pieces of ground black pepper burned my tongue. I could taste even a hint of spice added to a dish or bowl of soup.

I’ve recently indulged my slight tolerance for spice by dining at Ting Thai Caravan near Bristo Square with some friends.

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Weekend in Glasgow: Part 3

On our final day in Glasgow, we decided to do a bit more sightseeing before we returned to Edinburgh. Although we’d passed by the building often, we’d never really spent much time walking around the different rooms at the Gallery of Modern Art at Royal Exchange Square.

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Weekend in Glasgow: Part 2

Normally when I go over to Glasgow, I try and meet up with a family friend for a catch up. It’s always good fun and I’m always assured of a good time over good food. When my friend mentioned that we were going for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, I couldn’t be more excited. When I found out it was a restaurant that served Vietnamese street food, I couldn’t wait to visit The Hanoi Bike Shop.
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