Pulsin’ and Beond! My review of their Veganuary protein and Beond bar box

I don’t usually eat too many protein products even though I should be diligently consuming protein before and after a workout. Since starting BodyCombat almost 5 years ago (see my previous post about it here), I’ve since also been doing BodyPump (here) and BodyBalance as well as kickboxing classes racking it up to 5-hours of classes a week. I had been making up protein shakes using sachets from my Purition vegan trial box (see my review for it here), but I find sometimes it’s a snack right after class that I need to curb those cravings.

When I realised the whey protein shake powder contained milk, I realised I needed to find another alternative which I did in Purition, but what about snack bars? I now couldn’t just stop in the local shops on my way home to snack on a chocolate bar. Luckily during my Veganuary month (see here), one of their proud sponsors Pulsin’ put together an exclusive Veganuary snack box for participants.

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A healthy snack alternative: homemade beef jerky

Two years ago today, I wrote my first ever blog post. At the time I was making a huge move from a relatively unknown blogging platform to WordPress and since then, the support and comments from followers, sponsors and fellow bloggers have been amazing. I’d like to say a big thank you so much for all your support and here’s to many more years of blogging and sharing our common interests!

As part of my goal to kill two proverbial birds with one stone, I’m revisiting my bad habits and trying to make changes that would let me eat better and save money. For 2015, two of my resolutions for the year are to: 1) save money and be more responsible with how I spend it, and 2) eat healthier and remove any ingredients which aren’t beneficial.

In keeping up my fitness through classes and capoeira, I intend to keep myself in good condition and sometimes this means eating foods high in protein. With my higher consumption of water, I’ve felt less urge to munch, but I realise I do stress eat at work and instead of reaching for sugary snacks, chocolate or biscuits, since a friend introduced me to beef jerky I’ve been hooked.

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