My favourite vegan surprise: review of The Vegan Kind subscription box

I had been given a themed subscription box before as a birthday present and also subscribed for a short time to a beauty subscription box, but never ended up keeping them for long. I can be quite pernickety and trying to use all the products in the box was something I found difficult. At the time I subscribed to the beauty box, I was looking to be introduced to more products and brands I might not have been aware of, but I don’t use too much makeup and a lot of the products in the box ended up not being something I really was looking for.

When I became vegan, I was tempted by the thought of getting monthly vegan boxes in the post. TheVeganKind offers two different kind of boxes: the monthly Lifestyle Box where you receive between 5 to 8 food and lifestyle cruelty free, vegan products (worldwide delivery available); or the Beauty Box which offers a mix of skin care, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every 3 months (UK delivery only).

Given my past experience with another beauty box, I didn’t want to take the chance that I would be struggling to use all the beauty and skin care products, I decided to go with the Lifestyle Box.

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Eating my way around Glasgow – vegan style!

I made a very special vegan trip to Glasgow at the end of February. James Aspey, vegan activist from Australia, was going to be in Scotland for the first time to talk to over 150 vegans attending a workshop organised by Go Vegan Scotland. My very good friends from Australia had talked about and posted James’ speech on social media (you can watch the one minute version here) and I was touched and encouraged by his passion to speak on behalf of the animals being consumed either as food or products we use on a daily basis. I was also lucky to meet and have a quick chat with James at the Go Vegan Scotland stall at Buchanan Street in the afternoon.

When you’re in another city that offers such a wide variety of vegan-friendly or vegan only restaurants and cafes, you can’t go all the way to Glasgow and not sample all the good places you’ve heard so much about, so that’s exactly what I did…fitted in a few vegan bar/restaurants and a cafe to my day trip schedule!

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Burgers for vegans and meat-eating friends: Handmade Burger Co

When I visited Handmade Burger Co with the OH and friends at the end of December, I had only decided the day before to go vegan for Veganuary. We had made plans to go out with our friends and unknowingly, this was going to be my last meat-eating meal out. All hope is not lost though, because Handmade Burger Co is also vegan-friendly!

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Day out for the ladies: Girls’ Day Out Glasgow 2016

If you’re looking for a day to spend with friends while getting everything from facials to fashion, fine dining to fake tan, you’ll find everything a modern woman needs at the Girls’ Day Out 2016 event between Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th December. I obviously hadn’t been paying much attention, but when the organisers sent me a blogger pass to the event, I knew this would be something right up my alley.

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Scouting Edinburgh Vegan Festival 2016

I’ve previously explained that I’m not a vegan, but I do like to make an effort (where I can) to spare the animals on our planet any suffering where possible (see here). I can see the benefits converting to veganism and I admire the commitment of vegans from removing meat and animal products completely from their lives. For someone who has grown up with meat and animal products featuring heavily in my life, I can fully appreciate the decision to consider the welfare of animals (and all living beings) is not a difficult choice to make.

I am intrigued by the vegan way of life and would like to make a conscious effort to choose vegetarian or vegan as much as possible. When I found out about the Vegan Festival in Edinburgh last weekend, the OH and I went along to find out more about the companies out there that provide amazing products for the vegans around Edinburgh.


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Deliveroo Edinburgh’s first birthday party!

If you haven’t heard of Deliveroo before now, they need to be on your radar! The company that offers high-quality delivery services from the restaurant kitchen straight to your home or office door celebrated their Edinburgh and Glasgow branch’s first birthday recently! Fellow Edinburgh bloggers and other guests attended the party held at The Biscuit Factory in Leith to celebrate this momentous occasion in style! Continue reading “Deliveroo Edinburgh’s first birthday party!”

Blogger crafting afternoon with Laura Ashley

When you’re invited to a Laura Ashley craft event for bloggers, it’s quite hard to say no! Laura and Bernard Ashley started printing their own fabrics from their kitchen table in the 1950s and the rest, as they say, is history. The brand is now known for its craft and curtain fabrics, home accessories, clothing and furniture.

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My personal seafood haven: The Mussel Inn, Edinburgh

Growing up in Hong Kong, you’re used to eating seafood. Lots of it. Seafood and meat are pretty much the staples along with rice in almost every meal. I’ve not had much of a craving for meat for years (that’s after watching the film Earthlings 6 years ago. I do actively choose to eat poultry when I feel carnivorous, but I only ever eat the occasion beef, pork or lamb when this is served. Now seafood is a completely different matter and is harder to give up. If you’re a big fan of seafood like me and haven’t visited The Mussel Inn, in Edinburgh or Glasgow, I would highly recommend you do.

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Eating our way around Glasgow!

While my best friend was visiting, we went to Glasgow for the day. After all, you haven’t seen the important parts of Scotland if you haven’t seen Glasgow and Edinburgh, right?

We visited all the usual touristy haunts: George Square, GoMA, the Wellington Statue, Buchanan Street and Glasgow Cathedral. We even went shopping at Buchanan Galleries where I ended up spending a bit of money in Forever 21 for some much needed jeans and a replacement faux leather jacket. The two that I wore often now sport unseemly shoulder and wrists the kitties managed to scratch to bits. I pretty much got a whole new outfit (with lovely black glitter flats from New Look.

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A crafty weekend in Glasgow with #HillarysCrafternoon

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