Fundraising for an educational vegan animal sanctuary: the Bohemian Hippy crowdfunding project

The founder of the UK’s only fully independent and inclusive networking site for vegans, Lynn Jolly, is looking to open central Scotland’s first ever fully vegan animal sanctuary (see here).

The Glasgow ‘Veganpreneur’ who late last year launched Bohemian Hippy – the UK’s first official social networking site with integrated shop, resources and vegan directory – is using the money generated from the site to fund the project and is looking to get others involved in the project through crowdfunding and possible grants. Continue reading “Fundraising for an educational vegan animal sanctuary: the Bohemian Hippy crowdfunding project”

Update on the fundraiser Combatathon and tandem skydive!

As you’re probably all aware by now, I was looking for sponsorship for the two fundraiser events that I signed up for: the 3-hour Combatathon on Thursday 23rd and a tandem skydive on Saturday 25th. I’ve now done both and I couldn’t be more pleased with how well everything’s progressed!

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Double whammy thrill-seeking, fundraising events!

For those of you who were reading my blog last year would know that I participated in a 3-hour Combatathon challenge in support of Macmillan Cancer Suppport. Apart from a few minutes recovery break between each hour, we pretty much battled our way through the burn of lactic acid in our muscles and unleashed our inner warriors that night in August. Now, I’m pushing the envelope even further – and I need your support. Continue reading “Double whammy thrill-seeking, fundraising events!”

I did it! Update on the Combat Cancer Combatathon

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Twenty eight days ago, a couple of friends from BodyCombat told me they had signed up for the Combatathon events to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support. I was excited but apprehensive when I signed up. Three hours of continous Combat. What was I thinking? Continue reading “I did it! Update on the Combat Cancer Combatathon”

Updated: Support me in my challenge, Combat Cancer Combatathon

On Thursday 28th August, I will be participating in the Macmillan Cancer Support event at Edinbugh Leisure Centre, Combat Cancer Combatathon. The challenge involves 3 hours of non-stop BodyCombat. Continue reading “Updated: Support me in my challenge, Combat Cancer Combatathon”