Fundraising for an educational vegan animal sanctuary: the Bohemian Hippy crowdfunding project

The founder of the UK’s only fully independent and inclusive networking site for vegans, Lynn Jolly, is looking to open central Scotland’s first ever fully vegan animal sanctuary (see here).

The Glasgow ‘Veganpreneur’ who late last year launched Bohemian Hippy – the UK’s first official social networking site with integrated shop, resources and vegan directory – is using the money generated from the site to fund the project and is looking to get others involved in the project through crowdfunding and possible grants. Continue reading “Fundraising for an educational vegan animal sanctuary: the Bohemian Hippy crowdfunding project”

Veganuary: why I decided to be vegan for the month of January

Happy new year, everyone! How quickly 2017 has creeped up on us and now we’re 4 days into the new year!

Instead of making new year’s resolutions, this year I decided to follow one simple quote:

Start as you mean to go on.

I’ve always loved animals and switching to veganism was something that’s always hovered on my mind. I even went along to Vegan Festival in Edinburgh during the summer last year (see here) to get an idea of what my options were and it was definitely something I’d been keen to do.

This month, while everyone decides to give up something to make a change in the month of January, I’ve pledged to go vegan for the month with Veganuary. Continue reading “Veganuary: why I decided to be vegan for the month of January”

Cruelty-free Christmas present shopping!

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift, I’ve got a few suggestions. Finding that perfect gift for someone can be quite difficult, especially if you’ve got some vegan friends, some who aren’t and some who are vegetarian. Why not go cruelty free so that you’ve got gifts that would suit everyone and give the gift of a pain-free Christmas for animals too? Continue reading “Cruelty-free Christmas present shopping!”

My first baby sewing tutorial: So Sew Easy burp cloths

After a lot of deliberating about fabric choices for several baby sewing projects (see the ones I’ve thinking about here), I finally got started on the burp cloth project.

Using So Sew Easy’s perfect burp cloth pattern (download here) I’ve finally made a set for one friend who’s expecting. I’ve still to make another set for a friend who gave birth to her baby boy a couple months ago though! Continue reading “My first baby sewing tutorial: So Sew Easy burp cloths”

Shopping edit: choosing sustainable and ethical fashion brands

Since I starting making a more conscious decision to go cruelty free, and vegan where possible (see here), I started giving more thought to what this choice actually meant. It’s one thing to choose products that don’t involve cruelty to animals, but have you ever wondered how your purchase consumption of products impacts on the world? Continue reading “Shopping edit: choosing sustainable and ethical fashion brands”

Cruelty free vegan-friendly hair care with A’kin

I made it a New Year’s resolution (here) to make the switch from regular drugstore products to more vegan-friendly and cruelty free brands. I started becoming more aware that a lot of bigger name brands, despite the ban put in place 3 years ago on selling products in the UK if they used animal testing, have still been stocking the shelves at local supermarkets and drugstores with their wares. I’ve been paying more attention to the products I buy and decided to slowly wean myself off of products that are harmful to us and that use animal testing. I pledged to switch to more vegan-friendly and cruelty free brands (see here and here) and I’ve been gradually making that change. Continue reading “Cruelty free vegan-friendly hair care with A’kin”

Review of The Body Shop skincare ranges

I attended a blogger event in March to promote The Body Shop at Home (#TBSatHome, see here) initiative where customers and prospective clients can experience the beauty of various skin and body care ranges offered by The Body Shop in the comfort of their own homes. In each blogger’s goody bags, we were given products to take home based on the results of our Skincare Diagnostic Tool.

I’ve now had a chance to use some of the products I was given and in order to be able to be open and transparent to my readers, I feel it’s only fair that you get an honest review (from me) of the products to help you decide if you’d like to have a Body Shop at Home party for yourself and your friends.

Continue reading “Review of The Body Shop skincare ranges”

The Body Shop at Home experience: sampling cruelty free products

I’d been on the look out for brands that were vegetarian and vegan friendly (where possible) but also cruetly free/against animal testing (a must). I’d been searching high and low for various articles which recommended brands and skincare products I could use. So often we look for an up and coming brand that we overlook brands that have been a staple for many years. The Body Shop was established 40 years ago and seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably.

I usually pass the store on Princes Street on the so never end up making a conscious effort to stop inside and take a look at their offerings. I’ve been looking to replace some skincare products I’ve been using when I realised animal testing abroad is still endorsed. When I was invited to a The Body Shop at Home experience at The Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow, I felt it was an offer to sample cruetly free products that was too hard to resist.

The Body Shop Aloe Vera range Continue reading “The Body Shop at Home experience: sampling cruelty free products”