The important message behind #1DayWithoutUs: why we’re better together

If someone asked you today, ‘Where are you from?’, what would your answer be? There’s a chance that you will have left the country you grew up in and have made yourself a new home in a different district or completely different country altogether. If you’ve moved to another country, is that now your home? Do you identify with the people you now live amongst? If so, to answer that you’re from the country you identified with growing up might no longer apply.

Today we celebrate the UN World Day of Social Justice, but it’s also a day that calls for a united front in a social movement, a national day of action, represented by the hashtag #1DayWithoutUs. This is why it should be important to all of us. Continue reading “The important message behind #1DayWithoutUs: why we’re better together”

Eating my way around Hong Kong: in photos

Eating is one of my favourite things to do whenever I’m back in Hong Kong. There are so many local dishes that you just can’t get elsewhere, maybe if you’ve got a Chinatown near you, but most of the street foods are those from nearby regions in China or local dishes that are very much a part of growing up in Hong Kong.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends who mentioned going to a Chinese restaurant in an Western country and being served food from one menu while Chinese people speak to the staff and are served a completely different set of dishes that aren’t available on the menu they’d been given. I’ve never had this experience before, but then again seeing the dishes that are offered on takeaway menus here in Edinburgh, I normally don’t bother ordering and tend to cook my own Chinese food at home.

To give you an idea of what to eat and what you can expect from Hong Kong, I’ve put together a few of my own recommendations of where you can go. If you’ve got friends in Hong Kong, the easiest way would be to ask them to take you to the restaurants they like best, but here are some suggestions for where to go. You can also use the OpenRice site or app (a review site where users post photos and reviews of restaurants in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzen) to see where others suggest you go for, say, vegan food, or thought of a particular restaurant if you’ve been recommended one.

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Wedding dressmaking update: my finished Chinese wedding dress

It’s been a long journey trying to get my Chinese wedding dress finished. I managed to make some progress when I had a few days off in February, but once work started again, I was thrown in the hurricane of work, meeting with friends and other events.

I finally finished my dress a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier to strike one wedding sewing project off the list. Here’s a photographic journey of the production of my Chinese wedding dress!

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On board the sewing train…upcoming sewing projects!

This is going to be an exciting year, mainly because there’s still some things I need to do for the wedding, mainly minor details like getting invites and favours made. The most exciting part for every bride though is seeing The Dress and trying it on!

Spoiler Alert: For the first time ever, I’m going to reveal details about the wedding dresses I will be making soon, so if you want to be kept in the dark till the final dresses are made, don’t read any further down the post. I’ll warn you when this is going to happen!

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A Chinese indulgence: Shanghai glutinous rice cakes

In celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival last week, I stopped by the Chinese shop to get more mung bean snowy mooncakes (my favourite). I can never seem to just walk out of a Chinese shop here without buying something else. Believe me, when you’ve been deprived of your favourite foods and snacks for the past 6 years and the only chance you get to stock up is when you go back to Hong Kong to get more (and even then, you can’t bring back perishables) you’ll do the same! So while browsing their wares, I felt a craving for some Chinese dishes and bought glutinous rice cakes for dinner to celebrate a Chinese festival.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Source: China Highlights

To all my Asian friends and readers out there, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I’ve been quite lax in following Chinese traditions and celebrating Asian festivals apart from Chinese New Year, but this was one holiday I was more than happy to start making a note of on my calendar if it meant picking up some snowy mooncakes! Continue reading “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”

On the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of dark red (burgundy? wine? prune?) coloured shoes to go with my dearest mummy’s wedding dress which I will be wearing on my own big day and I can’t wait! =) What surprises me is how it fits me just right, which means my mum was the same size as me when she was around my age! The only thing I need to do is unpick the altered stitching when it was taken in when my aunt borrowed my mum’s ‘kwa’ (the traditional Chinese embroidered with dragons and phoenixes – to signify yin and yang, also representing the union of man and woman – wedding dress which is red – to bring good luck).

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