Eating my way around Glasgow – vegan style!

I made a very special vegan trip to Glasgow at the end of February. James Aspey, vegan activist from Australia, was going to be in Scotland for the first time to talk to over 150 vegans attending a workshop organised by Go Vegan Scotland. My very good friends from Australia had talked about and posted James’ speech on social media (you can watch the one minute version here) and I was touched and encouraged by his passion to speak on behalf of the animals being consumed either as food or products we use on a daily basis. I was also lucky to meet and have a quick chat with James at the Go Vegan Scotland stall at Buchanan Street in the afternoon.

When you’re in another city that offers such a wide variety of vegan-friendly or vegan only restaurants and cafes, you can’t go all the way to Glasgow and not sample all the good places you’ve heard so much about, so that’s exactly what I did…fitted in a few vegan bar/restaurants and a cafe to my day trip schedule!

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Vegan sweet tooth: toffee apple upside down cake recipe

It’s no secret that I love my sweets and cakes. I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember, even if my earlier attempts in high school were made from Betty Crocker cake mix packets and failed attempts at following recipes. Since those earlier years, I’ve become a bit more experienced with making different kinds of cakes, but since becoming vegan while I do know of vegan hacks to original non-vegan friendly recipes (apart from my chocolate and peanut butter pin wheels, see here) I haven’t really been trying my hand too often at making cakes apart from the one I’m about to share with you and a vegan cheesecake I’ll be posting about later on.

I used to be very picky about what goes in my cakes, the thought of banana bread and carrot cake didn’t appeal to me. I did end up trying both of these, and the after taste of banana in a loaf still doesn’t really appeal to me, but I did come to like carrot cake. It’s surprising how this orange stick of a vegetable that is mostly associated with hummus or boiled as a side to go with a main dish can be grated and used in cake.

This recipe from Jamie Oliver follows a similar concept…except we turn to something a bit sweeter and used more often for sweet dishes and desserts.

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Cake and tea: sharing a few of my favourite cafes

I’ll be the first admit that out of sheer laziness (and the fact that because of my funny tummy, I can’t drink coffee from any other coffee shop, so instead I drink tea), I often arrange to meet friends at one Starbucks chain or another, mainly because I know where they are dotted about town. I do try to look out for other cafes though and have a few favourites.

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What would you like, Birthday Boy?

Now that I’ve got more time on my hands and I’ve been neglecting my other hobbies, I’ve been trying to pick them up again and my stomach is looking for some sweet treats to eat and my hands are itching to make something delicious. Definitely doesn’t help that the article on bakeries around the world I posted on my Facebook, Twitter and G+ accounts are so tempting! (If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here).

The plan is to make a birthday cake from one of his second favourite recipes (he loves his fruit cake, but unfortunately I’m not a fan so never made one before, I’ll leave that up to his mum) from the trusty ol’ The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, the raspberry cheesecake brownie.

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Homemade lemon drizzle cake

When it comes to desserts, I’m never one to refuse. Even when I’m full from a meal and feel like I can’t have the third course, I can’t resist a bite (…okay, maybe more than one) of someone else’s that just tempts your taste buds. One of my favourite things to do is bake: macaroons, cakes, biscuits, pudding, or even sweets that don’t need baking like polvorons.

I used to delight in baking occasionally for my colleagues, so much so that every now and then, I get hints that it’s been a while since I baked. I can honestly admit to the fact that I use The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook quite a lot, but for those recipes that I can’t get, All Recipes UK is a great site for tried and tested recipes shared by everyday people who just love to cook and bake.

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