Have You Met….Life of a DIY Shopaholic?

Have you seen my recent interview with Talor Gilchrist for her Have You Met… series? Talor has been talking to various bloggers to get to know them better and today, it’s about my blog.

Blogs are great because they are the complete personality of the people behind them, I will guarantee that you will not find a blog that is identical to another. (Maybe the theme but not the content).

One thing I have enjoyed learning from my blogger interviews is why people started their blog, it is something that I’ve never actually thought about before but is actually really interesting.

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Madness, Sparkle and Creative Flair, By Lauren Hayley

Last week, I spoke about the importance of mental health awareness. Not all mental health issues are visible to even those closest to you. It’s something society has ostracised so that it’s seen as a weakness; it’s been looked down upon, so much so those affected are either weak or a danger to society.

Instead of shying away from talking about other’s weaknesses, we should recognise that we all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us reach a point where being strong for too long means you’ve got no more strength to give. Why would anyone want to put their hearts on their sleeves and tell the world they’ve suffered through mental health issues when most of society’s reaction to those with learning/physical disabilities are so negative? Continue reading “Madness, Sparkle and Creative Flair, By Lauren Hayley”