Have You Met….Life of a DIY Shopaholic?

Have you seen my recent interview with Talor Gilchrist for her Have You Met… series? Talor has been talking to various bloggers to get to know them better and today, it’s about my blog.

Blogs are great because they are the complete personality of the people behind them, I will guarantee that you will not find a blog that is identical to another. (Maybe the theme but not the content).

One thing I have enjoyed learning from my blogger interviews is why people started their blog, it is something that I’ve never actually thought about before but is actually really interesting.

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Ain’t never played golf like this before: Junkyard Golf Club London

I was recently in London for my friend’s hen do and while I’ve been there often, it’s such a big city that I often seem to be discovering new places to explore. On this occasion, we headed to East London play some variation of crazy golf: Junkyard Golf.

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This is My Scotland: my story

Kilt company MacGregor and MacDuff aren’t just passionate about their kilts; they’re also passionate about their Scottish heritage. The company began in 1979 on Bath Street in Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr MacGregor and enigmatic American businessman, Mr Scollin. Three brothers David, Gerald and Dominic took over the business venture when this was sold in 2002 and work hard to continue the ethos, traditions and high standards set on both retail and manufacturing fronts left behind by the two co-founders.

The company was looking for people to share their stories about what makes Scotland great and what they love about this beautiful country. This is a question that deeply resonates with me since I’ve now made Scotland my home and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

I decided to share my story.

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Joining in Earth Hour 2016: the power of individuals to change the world

The world of blogging is becoming a strong industry in spreading the word about products and services to the masses. As a blogger myself, I can fully appreciate companies recognising the influence our words have on our readers and followers. Today, I’d like to spread the word about a campaign I’m personally passionate about and if you aren’t already, think you should know about and get involved with. Continue reading “Joining in Earth Hour 2016: the power of individuals to change the world”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Last night was when all who celebrate the Lunar New Year will have been feasting with their family and friends in preparation for today: the first day of the Year of the Monkey 2016!

A big kung hei fat choi to all my friends, family and readers who celebrate this momentous day!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey, click here.

Celebrating Burn’s Night: Address to a Haggis

25th January is the day most, if not all, Scots commemorate Burn’s Night, the annual tribute to Robert (also known fondly as Rabbie) Burns, world-renowned national Scottish poet, on the date he was born in 1759. Rabbie already penned more than 550 poems and songs which focused on his interest in Scottish scenery and his liberal views on political issues he was passionate about by the time of his passing in 1796 when he was only 37.

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Fresh start to 2016!

Hope you’ve all had a nice time with family and friends over Christmas and Hogmanay in 2015 and are feeling fresh and raring to go in 2016! It’s now the 4th day of the new year and I’m still in holiday mode. Really not looking forward to going back to work! Continue reading “Fresh start to 2016!”

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for all the support, from bloggers and visitors alike, I’ve received on my blog. I really appreciate all the questions, comments and likes I’ve received so far.

No matter where in the world you are or who you are, know that you are appreciated and I, as a person, care about you. I don’t need to know who you are; as a human being, if you’re suffering, I want you to know that you’re not alone. No person who suffers appears as such. If you need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen, I’m here.

I leave you this little piece of art I made some years ago to bring you a bit of joy in your lives, if only for a moment. Hope this is something to remember me by. Until next week, folks, have a fantastic Christmas.

Reach out to loved ones (furry or not), family and friends just to say you’re thinking about them on this beautiful day filled with happiness and sharing.

Happy Hogmanay and best wishes for 2015!

The Old Mill Inn

It’s Hogmanay today (aka New Year’s Eve) and everywhere in Scotland is abuzz in preparation for the upcoming celebrations tonight to bring in the New Year! There are plenty of celebrations and parties going on in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and other cities. There are torchlight processions, street parties, ceilidhs and performances such as the big BBC Alba party which can be viewed on TV. Continue reading “Happy Hogmanay and best wishes for 2015!”

The results are in from the Scottish Independence Referendum!

The results are in: the Scottish population have decided that it’s better to stay as a United Kingdom. There are advantages to remaining part of the UK and I believe that’s what the majority of the Scottish population (that is, 55.3% – or 2,001,926 people – of the Scottish population) voted No. There are greater shared resources and benefits in case of any economic troubles, Westminister has also promised greater devolution powers to Scotland in relation to income tax and money raising activities. Continue reading “The results are in from the Scottish Independence Referendum!”