A chef, gin, etching and supercars with Of One Mind’s first event of 2017

Of One Mind hosts fantastic networking events for like-minded companies and individuals to meet. I’ve been to a few of their events before and have found great companies like Ishi Salon (here and here) and learning all about Daffy’s Gin (here).

This time, we return to Lamborghini show room where the OH finally got to see all the supercars up close and personal, and we got to meet more companies to keep our eye on. Continue reading “A chef, gin, etching and supercars with Of One Mind’s first event of 2017”

Tartan tea dress: inspirations behind the project

I’m constantly on the look out for new designs or fabrics to inspire my next project. Since I got married and made my own tartan shawl in the OH’s family tartan, (see photos from our 2015 wedding here and wedding sewing/DIY projects here), I keep thinking about how I can bring in more of Scottish culture and history into my designs.

One that I feel personal about is the OH’s family tartan. Unfortunately I learned from making the wedding stole (see here) that the family hunting tartan is not one that is sold commercially so will cost more for this particular tartan to be sourced (the half metre of light woolen tartan fabric cost me about £36 for the stole). Even if I can’t use the OHs’ family tartan, I figured I can still use another tartan for my next dressmaking project.

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Celebrating the opening of TK Maxx in Edinburgh city centre!

I love a good shop just as much as the next woman, but sometimes paying full price for a designer handbag makes my bank account weep (and I might be a bit reluctant to hand over my debit card to see all my hard earned savings deplete). Designer outlets were never a big thing in Hong Kong so when you catch wind of an exclusive designer sale (or pop up outlet), everyone scrabbles to get the best items like it’s Black Friday.

Last week saw the launch of the TK Maxx St Andrew Square store which was an exciting new development for all.

TK Maxx opens the doors to its newest store, St Andrews Square; Edinburgh, offering designer labels for less to Scottish savvy shoppers.. Aug 18 2016

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Deliveroo Edinburgh’s first birthday party!

If you haven’t heard of Deliveroo before now, they need to be on your radar! The company that offers high-quality delivery services from the restaurant kitchen straight to your home or office door celebrated their Edinburgh and Glasgow branch’s first birthday recently! Fellow Edinburgh bloggers and other guests attended the party held at The Biscuit Factory in Leith to celebrate this momentous occasion in style! Continue reading “Deliveroo Edinburgh’s first birthday party!”

For the love of shoes: inspiration my rose gold project

The summer sun is finally shining brightly and all the pretty vests and summer dresses and skirts are coming out of my drawers! I noticed my penchance for either black or brown shoes and sometimes find it hard to pair flats with something in a bright pop of colour. What about finding a versatile pair of flats or heels you can wear to dress up an outfit for a night out, but can also be worn with formal wear?

Maybe unconsciously I reach for a dark brown or black pair of boots for the colder months, but in the summer I want a pair of beautiful heels. My most recent obsession is the wow factor and versatility of a pair of lovely metallic rose gold heels.

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Rediscovering fashion over the years: 100 years of engagement rings

My hobby of jewellery making had taken a backseat when I was heavily involved in sewing for and planning our wedding last year, but it doesn’t mean my interest in jewellery stopped there. I still like to keep my nose in the business and often find myself looking intently at jewellery pieces to understand the intricacies of a designer or jewellery maker’s craft.

It isn’t until you look at something in further detail and understand the work put into it that you can fully appreciate the art of a designer’s work. Engagement rings are one of the most important pieces of jewellery (alongside the wedding band) in a woman’s life. Below I discovered a video shared on Stylist that documents the history of how fashion has changed for engagement rings in the past 100 years.

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Become a Wrap Pyjama Fairy: a volunteer sewing project

Ever since I started my journey in dressmaking 3 years ago, I’ve mostly been sewing for myself. Occasionally, I get asked to make faux fur snoods or to make a dress for a friend. As you probably already know, I also did several sewing projects for myself and the bridesmaids. I’ve always wanted to sew for others and couldn’t have found a better choice in volunteer charity Wrap Pyjama Fairies.

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Costume wardrobe crush: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I don’t go to the cinema very much anymore, it seems like such a high price for a ticket to watch a film which might be good (or not). I only ever venture to the big screens for a film that really catches my attention and I just have to see with friends. Otherwise, I wait till I’ve read the reviews and decide if I want to get the DVD when it comes out. This year, my one ‘must brave the crowds to see’ film was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I couldn’t be more delighted.
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Networking with Edinburgh Watch Company and Knockhill Racing at Aston Martin

When presented with the opportunity to mingle amongst luxury supercars, the OH loves seeing them up close. He had to miss the last event at Lamborghini because of work, so he was determined not to miss this one at Aston Martin.

Showcasing Jonathan’s fine pieces of wristwear from the Edinburgh Watch Company, interviews with promising Knockhill Racing drivers and Johnny Walker Gold and Belvedere served at the bar, it was set to be every luxury and/or supercar enthusiast’s dream event.

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Lamborghini Edinburgh: an Entrepeneurs and Start Ups networking event

After a successful networking event for those in the hair and beauty industry, Of One Mind hosted a networking event to introduce entrepreneurs and some of UK’s most successful start-ups to each other among the most stunning cars in the Lamborghini and Bentley Edinburgh show rooms at Fort Kinnaird.

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