Burrito bloggers: masterclass event at BarBurrito

I love a good Mexican dish, especially a chicken quesadilla, but a filled burrito full of rice, beans and meat really beats it all when I want a good, fast and filling meal. Edinburgh bloggers were invited to join a burrito masterclass at BarBurrito on Lothian Road to perfect our burrito making techniques and become pros.

BarBurrito is the first burrito chain to open in the UK. Founded in LA, California in the 1920s, the chain was introduced to the UK in 2005 and opened their first store in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. The chain brand have since taken off and opened shop in various other locations across England. The first two BarBurrito restaurants in Edinburgh are now on Shandwick Place and Lothian Road in Edinburgh and can also be found in Glasgow. BarBurrito worked closely with Pinto and through some refurbishments, updating the recipes to include only fresh ingredients and training staff, BarBurrito opened shop a few weeks ago.

Burrito-loving bloggers were then invited to one of two masterclass sessions to try out the new recipe…and see how well their burrito making skills really are. To set the mood, tortilla chips were laid out with mild, medium and hot salsa, fake moustaches and sombreros. None of us were brave enough to don the costumewear, especially not when I was sitting facing the big floor to ceiling window with passerbys looking in!

To start, Steph the Store Manager handed out burrito making instructions that the staff also follow to have a quick read. We were then given samples of all the ingredients available to taste. Most of us agreed the garlic mushrooms were the best. It’s possible to make your own burrito vegetarian or vegan, depending on the ingredients you choose to put in your burrito. In the end, it is yours, so you’re fully in control of what goes in it.

An array of ingredients for our burritos, including mild or spicy beans, guacamole, 4 different types of salsa, garlic mushrooms, lime rice, 3 different meat fillings, cooked chorizo, vegetables, cheese sauce and crunchy slaw

Next, we were all handed wraps with rice on tin foil and shown how to wrap the burrito properly.

Our tortilla wraps with rice

A lot of the time, instructions are made to be followed step by step, and instructions for making a burrito is no different. We learned the importance of each stage when we were wrapping the rice in to make sure it all stayed perfectly packed in the tortilla wrap so it didn’t fall apart. We were all surprised at how perfectly they turned out and couldn’t help but unroll our wraps to try it again to make sure we weren’t dreaming it all up!

Our perfectly wrapped rice burritos!

After having a few more goes, we were invited to the bar area to try our hand at filling our wraps with ingredients we tested. It turns out when you’ve got more ingredients, it does become a bit harder to wrap. I had a hard time deciding which ingredients not to put in and ended up filling mine a bit too much. I wasn’t deterred however and was determined to wrap that burrito up!

Getting tips on wrapping my burrito

Some of the sour cream squeezed out of my burrito but the rest of my ingredients didn’t fall out so I was really pleased with my end result. We had a great time chatting about our burritos, blogs and other matters while we were eating our own creations.

My burrito success

I can happily say, I’ve been back to try a veggie burrito with a friend and with my smaller appetite, the small size burrito was a better size for me. The small burrito comes in a 10-inch diameter tortilla wrap but is still quite filling. I also managed to try their churros with hot chocolate sauce which only cost £3.95!

My small vegetarian burrito


BarBurrito in Edinburgh is located at 6 Shandwick Place, EH2 4RN and 119 Lothian Road, EH3 9AN. Alternatively, you can also visit their Glasgow flagship store on 138 Queen Street, G1 3BX.

Have you visited BarBurrito? What are your thoughts on their recipes and food?

Thank you to the staff at BarBurrito for putting up with us bloggers taking too long and space making our burritos and Golley Slater for the invite.


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