Nail inspirations: creating ombré nails at home

Ombré seems to still be quite a current trend. First we’ve seen different variations of the ombré hair (from the classic gradient to the new sombré, or subtle ombré) and it appears the ombré nail trend has been going strong for a good few years now!


I really like the subtle gradient effect. I’ve always beena bit unsure about mixing different colours, even if they are in the same colour family. I tend to wear one piece (whether an accessory, skirt or top) and often wear this with a mainly neutral outfit. With ombré items, you can wear various shades at the same time. I like seeing how you can create different shades by mixing colours and how they seem to just come together.

I’ve had a quick look online and seems like creating ombré nails at home should be a relatively simple process. I imagine it would take some time to get the process perfected. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon once I’ve got a chance my own hand at this nail trend! In the meantime, below are some styles that have caught my eye.

Subtle pastel pink glitter ombré nails. Source

Shades of grey ombré. Source

Dreaming of midnight skies and the ocean. Source

Gradient purple ombré. Source

For a more dramatic ombré, go from really dark to a brighter shade. Source

Experiment with colour to find your favourite combination!

If you’ve done it at home yourself, have you got any tips on how to perfect the style? What is your favourite colour combination for ombré nails?


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