Dining with flair at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe

The last time I stepped foot on The Caledonian Waldorf Astoria premises was for the Edinburgh Whiteout party I attended two years ago with Google #CityExperts (here).

Usually we don’t dine out much and prefer simpler, inexpensive restaurants, but when a voucher became available to dine at a lower price, the OH and I took the opportunity to visit Galvin Brasserie de Luxe, the second Scottish restaurant from Michelin-starred chef brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin.

On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the Maitre D’ who was very friendly and chatted about our days before ushering us to our table. The restaurant is beautiful in a classic European way with an assortment of seafood on display in the glass on the bar when you enter. The central bar area which reminds me of a charcuterie counter is the focus of patrons’ attention as the barman prepares drinks and bustling waiting staff drop off and pick up drink orders.

We weren’t left waiting for long before our white wine spritzer cocktails were brought to the table. The cocktail was nice and refereshing for the summer months and went down a treat while we perused the starters on offer.

After swaying back and forth on starter choices, the OH and I decided to share a charcuterie platter with an assortment of chorizo and prosciutto served with pickled veg and bruschetta.

Assiette de charcuterie and pickles

We then dined on our Hereford rump steak served with a side of chips and sauce.

The steak was cooked to perfection and I enjoyed every bite of our meal. One thing I can truly appreciate is the flavour of a perfectly grilled steak and the chefs at the Brasserie certainly know their steaks.

The waiting staff were also very kind and understood that I didn’t seem to have any room left for dessert and shared my disappointment, but was thoughtful enough to ask if I would like any tea or coffee to keep the OH while he enjoyed his dessert. Unfortunately, I can’t sleep if I partake in any caffeinated drinks from dinner time onwards so had to sadly decline.

Baba au Rhum, raisin secs and crème Chantilly

I can honestly say that the whole experience was a fantastic one. Sometimes it feels when you’re entering more upscale establishments you get judged by the clothes you wear and the dishes you order, but all the staff we interacted with during our visit were very pleasant and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and I can’t wait to bring back friends and family to Galvin Brasserie for a treat or special occasion.

THe entrance to Galvin Brasserie de Luxe is to the right side of The Caledonian Waldorf Astoria hotel front entrance, you’ll see it by following along the side of the building and outside seating area. You can make your reservation for Galvin Brasserie de Luxe using their online booking system here.


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