Party of two at Revolution Edinburgh

Edinburgh city centre is full of pubs, clubs, gastropubs, chip shops, cafes, brasseries and restaurants you’re never hungry for food. There’s always somewhere open for you to grab a quick bite to eat into the late hours of the morning (maybe till about just after 1am usually when the pubs close, or slightly later at weekends), a breakfast catch up the next morning or just a fun brunch with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Revolution Edinburgh had gone through some refurbishment and now looks brand spanking new with atmosphere and friendly staff to welcome you into their humble abode.

We were invited to the humble abode of the bar and kitchen to sample their menu and to give feedback on their food and services. I can honestly say, if the reputation of a bar and kitchen is based on the number of customers on a week night, Revolution would easily win this round. On a week night, it was still pretty empty when we arrived around dinner time, but they quickly filled up and soon there were groups meandering the area scouting for any leavers freeing up tables. Looking around the area, the checkerboard style mirrors and shotgun decor are quirky yet somehow work really well together. It brings to mind a subtle kind of Scottish humour while keeping with the bar theme. Dare I say an almost modern/Western bar theme, maybe?

Instead of the stereotypical gastropub or bar with sticky tabletops from spilt alcohol, the tables are very clean and minimalistic. The bar and restaurant certainly has a welcoming feel to it and the varied choices food menu make it hard to decide what we really wanted to sample first.

There were a lot of tempting choices and I really wanted to attempt a 3-course meal, but with every new restaurant we visit, it’s really difficult to tell how big the portions will be, so we decided to keep it to ordering a main course each and if we still have room afterwards, we would order a dessert each or share. Turns out we didn’t have room for dessert at all.

The OH’s classic fish and chips with tartare sauce and a side of salad

The batter was nice and crispy while the fish fillet within was soft and melted in the mouth. I am happy to report that this is one serving of fish and chips where you don’t need to worry about fish bones! One of my pet peeves is enjoying a nicely fresh battered piece of fish and you get jabbed in the mouth with a fish bone. The OH was happy to munch away at his fish and thickly cut chips, washing it down with some non-alcoholic ginger beer while I tackled my own roast chicken.

My glazed half roast chicken with chipotle bbq sauce, side of garlic fries and caulislaw

I had a hard time choosing between the battered halloumi, half rack of ribs, duck/steak frites or the roast chicken, but I was sorely tempted by the idea of a glazed bbq sauce roast chicken. I am very particular about my chicken, only because when it’s cooked for too long the meat becomes too dry and stringy. The chefs at Revolution certainly know this because the roast chicken was cooked to perfection. I was surprised to find I was served a whole chicken leg (the drumstick and the thigh) so there was a lot of chicken for the hungry cavewoman in me to devour (what can I say? I went to the bar and restaurant straight after work). The meat was very tender and was nicely complimented by the slightly sweet and smoky bbq sauce. The garlic chips were cooked with a small serving of fresh garlic so had a hint of flavour without being overpowering.

The biggest surprise to my meal with the caulislaw. When I read that was the veggie side for the chicken, I wasn’t sure how I was going to take it. I love my coleslaw, but what would it taste like with cauliflower? This is now becoming my favourite. salad. EVER. The lettuce in regular coleslaw has been replaced by just-right crunchy (but not too hard) cauliflower so you still get the texture without feeling like you’ll be breaking your teeth on rock hard uncooked veg. It doesn’t have a strong flavour to it, so the mild taste of cauliflower and sliced carrots temper the fresh spring onions used very nicely.

Sadly our tummies were filled to the brim with good comfort food that we had to decline the offer of dessert or more drinks. We had our eyes on the Nutella Fluffwich and the Colombian chocolate brownie this time around. We will definitely be making a return visit though to sample the other dishes on their menu!

I would like to thank Revolution Edinburgh for the opportunity to dine at their establishment and the great service from the waiting staff.

Revolution Edinburgh can be found opposite the National Museum of Scotland at 30a Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HU. For enquiries, call 0131 220 5679 or use their online booking system to book a table. You can also hold special events at the bar and kitchen – use their booking system to book a party!

Have you visited Revolution Edinburgh? What do you think of their food and services? Do you have a favourite dish?


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