GlamCandy NARS Makeup Masterclass at Le Monde

When you’re invited to a makeup masterclass where you get to learn all about products and techniques from one of the leading makeup artists worldwide, this is not something you can turn down…unless you’ve got a perfectly good reason. NARS has always been one of my favourite makeup brands because of their beautiful shades and the natural looks you can create using their products. The makeup masterclass offered by GlamCandy was delivered by none other than International Lead Makeup Stylist for NARS Cosmetics, Jane Richardson.

The GlamCandy makeup masterclass was held at Le Monde Hotel on George Street in Edinburgh where Jane expounded on her 16 years’ worth of experience working first as a consultant for NARS Cosmetics before working her way up to becoming an International Lead Makeup Stylist and working closely on products with founder, François Nars, who pushed the fashion industry’s perception and expectation of beauty with the ‘no makeup’ look seen widely on the runways. Jane has worked mainly backstage with celebrities such as Taylor Schilling (from Orange Is the New Black), British actress Tilda Swinton and Kate Hudson (who is so very nice).

The upstairs part of the restaurant was set aside for the masterclass and attendees were invited to the bar for drinks while waiting for the class to start. It was a beautifully decorated venue that made attendees feel comfortable with its lavish decor. As most attendants were already in the makeup industry or graduates from the courses offered by GlamCandy, all were there to gain more knowledge about applying make up to last long or looking for advice for getting their foot in the door to working in their preferred profession of choice.

Jane has a wonderful presence and sense of humour when explaining what products work best in different situations (whether or not to use primer, HD makeup or different types of foundation). Interestingly, I was surprised to learn how versatile the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is – it can be used from anything to contouring, highlighting and on occasion, Jane has even applied eyeshadow with it.

As with a lot of professions, there’s a common misconception that makeup is something easily done and that you don’t need to work hard at becoming a makeup artist to create that same look. First of all, I’d be one of the first people to slam those rumours down. I love experimenting with makeup and trying different styles that would suit me, but unfortunately without visiting a makeup counter to do a demonstration while also explaining which products/colours would work well, I can’t recreate the same look myself.

Experienced, professional makeup artists working in the industry with big name celebrities and on TV shows or film have earned their place because of what they’ve learned. From the masterclass, I’ve come away with a few tips Jane imparted which left its impression on me:

  • learn from your own mistakes and learn from more experienced makeup artists by watching exactly what techniques they use to create that perfect look
  • always test your products before using them on your clients and use your experience to speak up if something sounds like a bad idea
  • prepping the skin before applying makeup is very important – it’s your blank canvas to work with
  • make sure the client keeps their skin hydrated

Jane’s working table

To find out more about the next GlamCandy masterclass near you, visit their website or like their Facebook page for regular updates. You can also catch Jane’s inteview with Cachet magazine in their next issue.

Thank you Jane Richardson for a very informative session and to GlamCandy for inviting me to the event!


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