My current nail crush: almond nail polish

I’m a girl at heart and while I might not be the best at experimenting different looks with my make up, I know what I like with my nail polish. I like dark red or neutral colours that suit my skin tone, but when it comes to purples, blues, greens and yellows, it’s a definite no for me. My mum, sister, friend and I went for manis the day before our wedding and I really liked the neutral colour they put on.

Why should nude coloured nails be restricted to weddings though?

Stella McCartney runway models. Source

The beautician told me that a nice almond shade would suit me, it would be a nice neutral nude colour and I agree. For the life of me, I couldn’t tell you the name of the shade itself (I blame it on being overwhelmed and not paying enough attention when I was told what shades I was being shown), but the Shellac polish was beautiful shade of beige with pink tones to it. It was a peachy-nude kind of pink without being too light and pastel if that makes sense.

For special occasions (or the occasional splurge), I do like to get Shellac nails done for longer lasting polish, but more often than not I like to play around with nail polish myself in the comforts of home. Turns out the nude/almond nail trend isn’t all that new and there are already some nail polish brands that offer their take on the colour.

Milani nail polish in Vanilla Almond review from All Lacquered Up

The Body Shop’s Almond Kiss from Nail That Accent

Sally Hansen x Stella McCartney in Almost Almond from Swatch & Review

SOIGNÉ Nails in Crème au Beurre Be You Beautiful

I’ve also found these shades that look like they could be close to the shade of almond I have in mind:

Barry M Gelly Summer in Almond, can be bought here

Nailberry in Almond. Purchase directly from the brand here (you can also read a review of the range of polishes here)

While I’m still hunting for that perfect colour, if you’ve already jumped on the almond nail polish bandwagon, do share your favourite brand and shade!


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