Wunderbrow: semi-permanent brow gel review

If you’re like me and have sparse eyebrows from your great friendship with your tweezers in your teenage years and have faint hairs to begin with, you’d be reaching for that eyebrow pencil or powder compact to start filling them in. I prefer using eyebrow pencils only because they’re easier to apply and you don’t get your brows too dark to begin with. I recently came across Wunderbrow on the Boots website and thought it might be worth a try.

When I was young, I had quite thick eyebrows which I realised now I probably should have left alone. As you can see in the photo below, though, they’re quite faint in colour. If I had left my tweezers alone to gather dust, I would probably only be looking at using brow gel to darken the hairs, but instead I’m left to try and grow them out while filling them in with a brow pencil

My one-year old self

My brows now

I know you’re not supposed to, but I tend to rub my face sometimes in frustration. I don’t use any make up on a daily basis except my brow pencil, so sometimes when I’m rubbing between my eyes you can imagine that I end up with uneven brows which is quite frustrating.

Wunderbrow promises transfer, water and budge-proof brow gel that stays on until you remove it.

Traditional brow pencils, powders can be hard to apply, have multiple steps, can lock unnatural and don’t stay in place or last throughout the day. WUNDERBROW is a new solution which allows women to easily fill, define and shape their brows with natural looking color that lasts until they decide to take it off. WUNDERBROW gives the convenience of the perfect brow, at home, and in one easy step.


If you’re going out for Christmas and want those brows to stay on, you’d want a product that won’t wipe off easily! So I decided to give it a try. To give you an idea of what my brows look like at the moment, I’ve taken a photo after washing my face without any product on it.

They’re not the prettiest so I feel quite self conscious when I don’t have anything on. I wasn’t sure what to expect from reading the instructions leaflet that came in the box, but I’m quite surprised at how easily the brow gel went on. Although I have black hair, with my sparsely filled eyebrows, using brown/black gel makes me look like I’ve used a black marker on my brows and that’s not a look I really like. I prefer more natural looking brows and after visiting several beauty counters, I realised I need either a brunette or blonde shade, depending on how light/dark the gel is. So with Wunderbrow, I got the Brunette shade from Boots for £19.95.

With the brush applicator, apply the gel to your brow hair and sparse areas. It might seem silly to have so much colour on your skin that doesn’t match your brow hairs, but you use the wand, gently brush in the direction of hair growth to distribute the colour well. If it seems a little too light in the beginning, don’t worry, you can always add on more later.

After my first application

My brows with Wunderbrow gel

The gel is workable when it’s still wet, but you need to make sure you don’t leave it too long – once it’s dry it’s set and you need to clean it off to start again. I’m quite surprised at how well it’s stayed on without cleaning them off with makeup remover. Some reviews on Boots have mentioned staying on for a few days, but I noticed on patches of sparse hair it washes off my skin very easy from using a facial scrub every morning. Otherwise, it seems to stay on the hairs for at least a couple of days. Even in rain and from just water, it really stays on very well!

If you want to try something simple at home without going through the full professional services of getting your brows done every month or so, this is probably for you.

You can purchase the brow gel online from Wunderbrow or Boots.


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