My personal seafood haven: The Mussel Inn, Edinburgh

Growing up in Hong Kong, you’re used to eating seafood. Lots of it. Seafood and meat are pretty much the staples along with rice in almost every meal. I’ve not had much of a craving for meat for years (that’s after watching the film Earthlings 6 years ago. I do actively choose to eat poultry when I feel carnivorous, but I only ever eat the occasion beef, pork or lamb when this is served. Now seafood is a completely different matter and is harder to give up. If you’re a big fan of seafood like me and haven’t visited The Mussel Inn, in Edinburgh or Glasgow, I would highly recommend you do.

A lovely friend who unfortunately couldn’t attend our wedding was thoughtful enough to gift us a voucher towards our bill, so we made a special trip to eat there. It’s on the list of restaurants I still want to eat at but never got around to. Now we had no excuse!

The OH and I had phoned ahead to reserve a table, but both of us were running late. The member of staff I spoke to on the phone was very kind about our situation and held our table for us, luckily I was only about 5 minutes late so that wasn’t too bad.

The Mussel Inn offers mouth-watering, fresh seafood dishes created with top quality ingredients such as mussels, scallops and oysters sourced from Scottish waters, and prepared to the highest standards. The restaurant is on Rose Street and has a casual diner vibe which makes each customer feel comfortable and relaxed. The blackboard on the wall is clearly visible alerting customers to the fresh catch on the specials menu. The waiting staff are also very friendly and are happy to help in any way they can (we overheard one customer asking about pub recommendations on Rose Street for which the waiting staff was happy to help with).

Everything on the menu for each course sounded scrumptious and it was really difficult to choose. The OH and I had to choose, re-consider, choose again, have second thoughts and eventually make a decision on what we were going to have for a starter.

Bread basket for the table and the OH’s 6 half shell queen scallops grilled in garlic butter

My dish of grilled queen scallops with black pudding, yellow bell pepper dressing and micro herbs

Scallops were prepared well and melted in the mouth. It was a good portion size although the hungry beast that lives in my stomach called for more of the deliciously tiny scallops. We refrained from doing this though because we both had a kilo pot of shallot mussels each still to come for the main course. Oh, and we’d ordered a side of chips to share too…

Kilo pot of mussels in white wine, garlic, shallots and cream

When the pots arrived, I was famished, but by the end I think I bit off more than I could chew. It was a decent sized pot with lots of mussels in it. I think if I were a man, it would probably just about get me full, but I was not about to be beaten by a stainless steel pot of molluscs! I gamely lathered some more bread with butter, soaked it in the white wine jus and continued eating until I was done.

We couldn’t say no to dessert though (damn that sweet tooth of mine!) but we couldn’t fit anything else in our tummies so settled for vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

We patted our full bellies and made a mental note to come back with visiting family and friends to share the wonderful world of fresh Scottish seafood.

The Mussel Inn is located on Rose Street (between Hanover and Frederick Street behind/opposite Primark) in Edinburgh, and can be found on Hope Street in Edinburgh. For directions, opening times and contact details for both sites, visit their website.


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