Customise your shake…a milkshake, that is!

This is going to be a quickie post! Before you know it, the OH and I have our big day coming up and there’s still a lot to get done before then! Luckily for the OH, I’m pretty organised and am going to have the final alterations/sewing done to the white wedding and evening reception dresses finished this week. Only 2 more days of work left and I’m off for 3 weeks!

While we were out running wedding errands, we decided to stop by Shakeaway, the world’s biggest milkshake bar!

We, who love our food, are used to tasting quality ice cream and sometimes the usual chocolate, vanilla and mint flavours just don’t cut it anymore. We want something exciting – a new flavour that will bring back reminiscence of our childhood but also taste good. That’s where different flavoured ice cream and milkshakes come in! A friend who loves chocolate as much as I do recommended it.

Tucked away on Rose Street amongst other pubs, restaurants and shops selling jewellery, clothing and other wares, Shakeaway is unassuming and gently entices you through their glass door with their pastel colours and child-like wonder wiht images of nice, cool milkshakes and the sight of sweets on the counter.

Since my lactose-free diet can be quite inhibiting to my love of dairy products, I wasn’t sure what to think, but I thought given my friend’s recommendation, I should at least give it a try. After all, Shakeaway offers over 180 flavours and with a bit of an add on, you can even combine various ingredients to customise your own shake! Millionaire’s milkshake with 23ct edible gold, anyone?

We have something for everyone, milkshakes, smoothies, fit & healthy shakes made with 0% fat free frozen yoghurt, dairy free shakes, gluten free shakes, protein powder shakes, muscle builder & energy shakes, luxury shakes, crunchy ice shakes, you name it we have it!


If you’re not that adventurous, each store offers a range of menus, from their a la carte, named shakes, seasonal and American sweetie menus to their smoothie menu.

Pick a name and be wowed!

If shakes aren’t your thing, there is also the choice of fruit smoothies or frozen yoghurt with your choice of topping. The great thing I learned from Shakeaway is they really can customise your drink for you, especially if you’ve got any dietary requirements like dairy or gluten free shakes!

The OH decided to go with the Bikini Barry (snicker) – a blend of banana and coconut – with butterscotch sauce topping while I decided on the Dave – Ferrero and Bueno with crumbled Flake on top – with soy milk. I didn’t realise it at the time, but after we ordered the OH mentioned that it seemed possible to get an alternative to ice cream so that I would really have a dairy free shake!

Our shakes

It didn’t take long for our shakes to be prepared and in case you were worried that the shakes had artificial flavouring that give you the idea of a Ferrero, I saw the lady behind the counter adding proper Ferreros and Bueno to my shake. You can even taste the crumbled wafer too!

There were too many choices to make and too little time. I do believe I’d go back another time to try some of the other flavours that caught my eye!

Shakeaway can be found at 134 Rose Street, EH2 3JD and is open daily from 11:00am to 6:00pm. For any enquiries, phone 0131 226 2090 or hop on over to their website to browse their menus.


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