The burger joint to visit: Burger…I kid you not!

Honestly, I know it’s April Fool’s Day today, but I don’t joke about these things. I can already hear the jokes:

Friend: Where do you want to go for lunch today?
Me: Burger
Friend: Okay, but where do you want to go for a burger?
Me: Burger
Friend:….Where exactly?
Me:…Burger on Shandwick Place?

You get the drift. I was on the lookout for somewhere to go for lunch with a friend which wasn’t going to break the bank. Since I started reviewing restaurants I’ve been visiting, I was at a loss: where could I go that was new and exciting that offered food for a reasonable price? It came to me then: I wanted to try out the new burger joint that I’ve been eyeing for months, waiting for it to open and it was finally ready for customers to sample their menu. Our minds were decided

BURGER. Our very simple name says it all.

We are a new, ambitious Edinburgh-based company with big plans for the future. But we are only as good as the last thing we cooked.

That’s why we put the strongest possible emphasis on sourcing the very best, freshest, local ingredients.

That’s why we cook everything just for you, just when you order it.

That’s why we insist on being as environmentally friendly as we possibly can in every little thing we do.

And that is why we are always trying to improve in every way we can. We think we have the recipe for success. Incredibly simple things incredibly well prepared, cooked and presented.


I, for one, can vouch for how great the most simply cooked dishes are and Burger really lives up to their promise. The restaurant itself reminds me of a modern American diner. With leather bench seats, metal chairs and graffiti logo on the wall, everything is simple. No fuss, no muss, all their efforts are put into their customer service and the food they serve. To me, that’s the most important thing. If you wanted fine dining, you can go to another restaurant, but keeping to its environmentally friendly declaration and serving good food is important to this joint and that’s exactly what they do.

Like any other burger place I’ve been to (except Rascals), you place your order at the counter and you’re given a pager. You sit back and wait at your table until the pager buzzes, then you’ll know your order is ready to collect from the counter. I couldn’t really make up my mind what I wanted, but decided to go with the Chicken Katsu Burger (which sounded a bit strange to me at first) with chips and – my absolute favourite concoction – peanut butter and chocolate milkshake!

Your burger is served, ma’am

I’ve had chicken katsu with rice in a bento box or with noodles in soup, but never on a brioche bun with wasabi mayo and lettuce. I was unsure, but decided to bite the bullet (so to speak). After my first bite, I changed my mind. It’s not strange at all! As weird as it sounds on the menu, the team really know what they’re doing when they put together the burger combinations for the menu! I think they have really put a lot of thought into what people would want, comfort food-wise, and put additional ingredient choices on the menu so you can really customise (and thoroughly enjoy) your meal better.

Never in my life have I been able to get a customised chocolate milkshake (apart from Italy where I could get a hazelnut and chocolate milkshake), especially not in Edinburgh. I have been raving about the possibility of adding peanut butter to the chocolate milkshake at Burger to the OH for ages but we never get around to going. I was in milkshake heaven, thank you Burger kitchen team!

The only things that I was disappointed about were:

1) there are several options for fries/chips, but they don’t offer sweet potato chips. This would have really made my day, and

2) for someone who has a problem with whole or even half and half milk, it would be nice to have the option of using soy milk in the milkshake. I know it doesn’t make sense when cow’s milk is used in the ice cream, but strangely it doesn’t affect me as badly as having a cup of milk.

Food for thought?

Burger can be found at 94a Fountainbridge, EH3 9QA (tel: 0131 228 5367) or 91-93 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh EH2 4SD (tel: 0131 228 1429) and both sites are open daily from 11:00am to 9:30pm. You can also contact the Burger team by e-mail.

Have you been to Burger? What do you think of their menu selection? Have you got a favourite dish? Would love to hear your reviews, praises and complaints!


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