Let’s put a spring in our step!

It might still be chilly outside, but there’s no doubt that spring is coming! Crocuses are in bloom, British Summer Time (BST) is in effect and day is light for longer. I’ve taken my Dior Vernis Pastèque polish out for a spot of colour and now I need a pair of booties to bring in the nice weather!

I haven’t been shopping in a while, mainly because I’ve been caught up with dressmaking and wedding planning. I’ve been seeing a colleague at work who’s worn very nice stiletto ankle boots though and now it’s been on my mind ever since.

Source: Love It So Much

In the winter, you break out the knee high boots; in Scotland where ice and snow is everywhere, a shoe with a good grip is more important than looking good. The only thing is, I like my boots with heels, so finding a nice ankle boot for spring/summer means the practicality can pretty much go out the window, as long as you can walk comfortably in your boots!

Source: Stylovo

For those who like wearing heels but have never worn anything too high, we as women are suggested wedge heels for greater stability. I find what’s difficult for me, is wedge heels actually hurt my feet more than shoes with a block or stiletto heel. I tend to buy shoes and boots with a block or Cuban heel, it makes wearing higher heels more comfortable, but well designed stiletto shoes aren’t that difficult to walk in.

For this spring, I’ve been looking at getting myself a nice pair of stiletto booties and while it seems sky high block heels are in fashion these days, there are still some great high street choices out there for like-minded fashionistas!

Elko shoe boots, £42 from ASOS

Imitation suede zip stiletto boots, £29.99 from H&M

Sheree cut out mesh boot, VIP member price £35 from JustFab

Zaelle leather ankle boots, £120.00 on sale for £74.98 at Aldo

Chain platform ankle boots, £11.95 from Dallas Shoes

Sevens cut out heeled shoe boots, £24.99 from New Look

JF Ivy exposed zipper bootie, VIP member price £35 from JustFab

Mordred lace up glitter bootie, £90.00 on sale for £49.98 at Aldo

Have you got a favourite pair of shoes for this spring/summer season? Seen any nice ankle booties you can recommend me?


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