Photos from our cosy Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas spent with friends and family! We ended up having our Christmas lunch at a local Indian restaurant that we favour. We visit the restaurant so much that we’re often recognised on site and the OH’s mum is greeted as ‘Mrs C’ on arrival…

We had a nice relaxing Christmas, opening gifts and grazing on cake and biscuits while I spent most of my time lounging in my new comfy fleecy sheep PJs that went with the pink fleece sheep blanket the OH made me as a present for our first Valentine’s day together 4.5 years ago and Shaun the Sheep head slippers (like these Elise from Foof & Faff owns).

I got some nice presents courtesy of friends, the OH and his parents including the tin of praline white hot chocolate from Whittard that I had on my Christmas wishlist, a new trendy waterproof felt handbag, a beautiful Nigh Sky Starlit beaded bangle from Alex & Ani to name a few.

I haven’t been taking too many photos, spending most of my time relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet while the furbabies run around or lounge in their Christmas outfits and we’re all well looked after and pampered by the OH’s mum and dad.

A friend from capoeira recently introduced me to the fantastic photo journal, Blipfoto, which has been a great discovery for my love of photography. The idea is that you can post one photo on the day it was taken and it will be the highlight or photo of the day. It will be your photo journal that you can share with family and friends. You can post a photo everyday if you like, or as often as you’d like, but you need to decide carefully what photo you want to post, you’re only allowed one photo a day.

How was your Christmas? Have you tried using Blipfoto? What do you think of the photo journal site?


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