Annoying things people do at group exercise classes

Etiquette for group classes and gyms exist too – please be respectful to your fellow fitness buddies!

1. Being smelly


Poor hygiene is not okay period! So it is absolutely not acceptable to skip deodrant or not wash your gym gear between workout sessions offending other people in the class with your questionable body odour.

2. Farting or burping


Passing wind (to put it politely) isn’t great at the best of times especially in a hot, sweaty room stuffed with people that acts as a vessel for the smell.  At the end of the day we all fart, it’s nature! It’s typical that as soon as we start exercising the urge to fart or burp creeps up out of nowhere! To avoid embarrassing yourself and everyone else quietly slip out the class to let rip – It’ll be much appreciated!

3. Being unaware of personal space


So…you’ve arrived early to your favourite gym class and have found the perfect spot! Then someone sets up right next to you getting all up in your grill…

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