The perfect bags for winter: the hobo

It’s been a while since I’ve let myself browse or online window shop. I’ve been having trouble keeping to my New Year’s resolution of cleaning out clothes and accessories (like shoes and bags) at least 3 times this year. I refuse to let myself buy more until I’ve had a good and thorough cleanout of what I haven’t used or worn in a year. I’ve always been a big fan of hobo bags though and I couldn’t help looking for that elusive perfect hobo. It seems so compact, like a medium sized shoulder bag, but the slouchy design makes it a roomy alternative. When carried on the shoulder, it doesn’t look as bulky even if you have quite a few things stored in it.

When I first posted about the French brand last year, I expected the
Velvetine brand name to gain popularity quickly and see it mentioned as a celebrity favourite, but it seems it’s still not really hit the big scene yet. I already own their Sean bag in grey, but couldn’t help giving their Lou hobo in choco/moka (dark brown) leather a second glance when I saw it was on sale.

Lou hobo in moka leather, on sale for €230 (approximately £180) from Velvetine

Velvetine is definitely making a name for itself worldwide (especially in New York) as a more affordable fashionable handbag brand (see mentions from NY Butterfly, Natalie Off Duty, Chic Intuition, Fashion & London Life, The Beauty and The Geek, LookBook and Dylana Suarez).

The unique signature hardware (the rock and roll factor of the cross and pin closure or the metal prism with the wraparound snake) that the brand adds to each of their leather goods has definitely hooked me in and I’m a big fan of the individuality of the brand.

For those who prefer to purchase custom made (or personalised) bags, there are a few other independent shops on Etsy that are also favourites of mine.

Handmade leather Felicia hobo, £157.24 from iyiamihandbags

My favourite is their embroidered Vera handbag which I’ve been told should arrive in their Etsy shop in the next couple of months, for now you can get their plain canvas version like the one shown below:

Handmade canvas Vera hobo, £86.00 from iyiamihandbags

Grey leather Helen hobo bag, prices starting from £108.87 for the small size from Laroll

Nude dusty pink ruffled grained leather hobo, £115.53 from CittaDElle

If you’re against using animal for leather, there are always vegan options to consider too!

Handmade charcoal grey vegan ultra suede hobo, £21.95 from ACAmour

If you’ve got a favourite coat that you’d be sad to throw out, why not have this remade into a bag?

Made to order Fern recycled leather hobo, £150 from AlyBondLeather

Feeling adventurous and can’t find you’re looking for but have the fabric you’d want your bag in? Why not purchase a pattern and try your hand at sewing a bag yourself!

Sophia Hobo PDF sewing pattern and tutorial, £3.85 from alifoster

My one splurge purchase was the small silver Dior Panarea tote is also my favourite bag, but it’s starting to lose its shape and because of the price I paid for it, there are times when I’m a bit worried about it falling apart, so I try and alternate it with other bags as much as possible so I don’t wear it out too quickly, but I’m still on the hunt for that perfect hobo!

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what your favourite shape of bag is, or if you’ve got a particular favourite brand and model, do share!


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