Illegal Jack’s is perfectly legal!

Like everyone else, going to your favourite restaurants and eateries are great for those dishes you’re craving, but what if you wanted something different? I hadn’t been in a while, but when my friends and I needed a reasonably priced place to get dinner, Illegal Jack’s came to mind.

Photo from EH1

Jack’s origins can be traced to sport. After the long Sunday run the athletes were fed up with what was on offer on the high street. Poor quality, lacking real nourishment, simply disappointing. Each week the discussion would centre around burritos the runners had had in Colorado and elsewhere Stateside. Finally, they could take no more: time to do something about it. A plan was hatched…

About Jack

Illegal Jack’s is a South West Grill restaurant, a mix of Mexican/Tex Mex cuisine:

South West food is a fusion of Mexican, Native American, Spanish settler & Cowboy inspired variants. At Illegal Jack’s we add a Scottish influence to the mix (try our haggis Burritos, Tacos and Quesadillas). All this combines to make for some of the spiciest and most colourful cuisine America (and Scotland!) has to offer…South West food uses selected, bigger cuts of meat than Mexican traditionally does. An example? – Illegal Jack’s South West Grill uses only cuts of beef steak for all Beef Burritos, Tacos and Quesadillas.

About Jack

For good quality and filling portions of South West food, or if you’re just looking for a change, look no further than Jack’s. It’s a help yourself sort of establishment, no need to be waited on so grab yourself a menu, find a seat and head up to the counter to tell the staff what your poison for the night is. If you like your food to be fiery hot, Jack’s your man.

Jack’s menu

The main tortilla dishes are fajitas, quesadillas or burritos, but you can also get tacos and nachos too. I like to get a filled tortilla although I can’t take food that’s too spicy, so I went for the chicken burrito with mild salsa and sour cream. For an unlimited refill Coke and a burrito, I paid £10.20 which isn’t too bad. Before you drop your jaw in shock, the burrito is honestly man-sized. As in, it’s as long as my forearm!

My chicken burrito dinner

I had a hard time finishing my burrito, but you can’t deny the food is good. Some might say it’s not the best, after all the meats and veg are pre-cooked, but for its value, you can’t really complain. I enjoyed my meal either way and I was more concerned about eating at a place that had good food for a decent price. That’s what this place is all about.

After all, if you haven’t been here, you don’t know Jack about South West food.

Illegal Jack’s can be found at 113-117 Lothian Road in Edinburgh.

Have you visited Illegal Jack’s? What do you think about the food? What’s your favourite combination?


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