Getting ready for autumn with nail polish finds from Topshop and Avon

I’d beeen on the hunt for new nail polish to play around with for a while. I usually stick to the standard coral or pale pinks, shades of grey or dark colours. I wanted something fun to lift the spirits with days getting shorter already in Edinburgh. When I saw the new Nail Art Strips designs in the Avon catalogue, I thought for only £4.50 it was worth a try, so I decided to try Day Dream.

Avon Nail Art Strips in Day Dream

I was a bit apprehensive whether the strips would work well. Reading some of the reviews, it seems they last at least 7 days and there’s no need for drying time or nail polish remover when you feel you’d like a change. The Nail Art Strips are simply printed vinyl-like strips with a pre-printed design that you peel from the backing plastic, adhere to your nail and file off the excess. How good does that sound?

I got my Nail Art Strips from the Avon lady at work today, so I thought for a bit of fun, I’d try it out and I’m quite pleased with the end result. Each pack contains 18 strips to suit different nail shapes and sizes, you’ll end up with an extra 4 pairs of strips which I felt was a bit of a waste, but it’s difficult to make a set of 10 nail strips to suit everyone unless it can be made to be more stretchy so each strip can be shaped around the nail better? There’s a thought.

I applied it first to one hand before I started taking photos of the process to make sure I got it right and not waste any of the strips. The good thing I found with the nail strips was if you found one was too small for the nail you’re applying it to, as long as you’ve not pressed down on the strip to your nail, you can unpeel this and stick it back onto the plastic backing without wasting it.

1. First, hold the clear plastic film up to your nail to find out which size you need. You’ll need to make sure you wrap the plastic around your finger to see if it covers the entire nail. I didn’t do this in the beginning, which is how I ended up sticking a few back on to the backing plastic.

2. Once you’ve decided on the right size of strip, carefully peel this off and align it to your nail. Press down on the strip until it’s smooth. If you find any creases, just lift the top part of the strip and carefully press down until it’s smooth. There’s going to be excess on the top, but don’t worry.

3. If you’re happy with the alignment and placement of the strip, pull on the excess part of the strip. You’ll end up with a small bit of excess nail strip still left on.

4. Holding your nail file vertical to the edge of your nail, gently file away the excess bit of the strip. Holding the nail file vertically stops the movement from shifting the strip that you’ve pressed onto your nail.

5. Filing the edge of your nail will cut the excess strip around the edge of your nail. Pull away the excess and you should end up with a nail strip that perfectly aligns with your nail.

6. Repeat the above steps until you’ve applied strips to all nails.

I was a little bit unsure whether I would like the design when it arrived, in the catalogue the model wearing the strips appeared to have ombre coloured nails, but this wasn’t what came in the package. I decided to give it a try anyway and it’s fun in that there’s something whimsical about the riot of pastel colours. I really like the convenience of the nail strips, but the tricky part of application, I’ve found, is if you don’t get it right, you’ll find some edges starting to crease or peel upwards.

It’s definitely a convenient (and quick) way of getting a design applied to your nail without spending lots of time trying to get it right. For £4.50, I do think it’s a good deal. The only thing that puts me off is it’s the same price as a bottle of nail polish which would last you longer than a week.

Having said that, I went on a wee shopping spree in town looking for fun nail polish and found two colours that I couldn’t decide between in Topshop, so I ended up getting both.

Nail polish I bought from Topshop: White Speckled Nails in Dancing in the Dark (left) and Nails in Pink Cadillac (right)

If I haven’t already said so, pink is my favourite colour. I’m always in search of great, unique shades of pink (like the Dior Cruise 2013 shade, Pastèque). When I saw the sample colour displayed on the website, I was intrigued and went hunting for it in the local store on Princes Street for a closer look.

Nails in Pink Cadillac, £5 from Topshop

I was curious to know how a bottle of polish could have a multidimensional colour spectrum and realised when I held the bottle in my hand that Pink Cadillac is a pale pink shade with iridiscence in it, so under certain light, you can get a darker shade of reddish pink which slowly transforms back into the pale pink you see in the bottle.

I really love a good pale grey colour so when I saw the speckled range, I got excited and couldn’t contain my glee when I picked it up at the shop:

White Speckle Nails in Dancing in the Dark, £6 from Topshop

Dancing in the Dark is a nice shade of light, dove grey with, what I thought were specks of white through the polish, but it turns out they’re micro speckles of white glitter.

Source:Nails Like That

I’m going to give my Avon Nail Art Strips a trial run for the week and see how they fare, but I can’t wait to try out my new Topshop nail polishes too! I’m not usually one to paint my nails, it frustrates me when you sit for ages thinking that the polish is dry and end up smudging it. Sometimes taking a bit of time to paint your nails does help brighten your mood and it’s a simple accessory that you can add to your outfit for a bit of colour and a way to let your personality shine. Through your nails!

Do you have a favourite brand and shade of nail polish that you can’t live without? Have you tried the Avon Nail Art Strips? Got any tips to share on how to apply it so it lasts longer?


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for autumn with nail polish finds from Topshop and Avon

  1. Got my hands on some bottles of Nails Inc. at TK Maxx. Usually you can’t get them over here. Really like their colours and special effect stuff, plus they last pretty long. My two favourites are the metallic polish (shines in different colours) and the 3D-glitter (grey/rose).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, will definitely have a look! I have a couple of Nails Inc polishes, but they don’t seem to last as long for me, but I definitely do like the fun special effects ones!

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