Updated: My first blind date ever…and it was with a burger!

I recently received the above e-mail in my inbox. How are you meant to respond to such an e-mail? I left it for a while, thought about it and opened the e-mail again. I had to read a few times before I realised what I was being asked to RSVP to – a blogger blind date with a burger at TGI Friday’s.

I’ve honestly and truly never been on a blind date before, I know vaguely how it works, but how does it really work when your blind date is a burger? I could bring a + 1 to the event and although I thought it would be a bit awkward bringing someone along to a blind date, I wasn’t about to pass up on a date with a burger!

TGI Fridays on Castle Street in Edinburgh

TGI Fridays (also known as Thank God – or Goodness – It’s Friday’s) is a chain of American themed bars and restaurants serving grill and burger dishes. The first store was opened in New York by Alan Stillman in 1965 and it has flourished and restaurants have now opened 920 restaurants in 61 countries worldwide. The decor of the restaurant focuses on happy diners and a casual atmosphere with surf and music-themed decor as well as its trademark slogan.

Various bloggers and press were invited to sample their news burgers on their menu. If you haven’t seen it yet, their newest advert is either going to convince you to try or you’d be laughing so hard at home you’d probably want to go try it anyway.

TGI Fridays newest #burgerface ad

It was definitely a busy night, various bloggers and press were invited to the night and it was obvious once we walked through the door that the restaurant was thriving that night. The staff were very friendly and made sure we were well looked after and assured the OH (who came as my +1) we weren’t forgotten when the kitchen and bar were busy taking and fulfilling order after order.

Like a blind date, we were seated at a table with two other ladies we hadn’t know beforehand and introduced ourselves. Louise, blogger of Love from Lou Lou and her friend, Moni, were our lovely companions for the evening and we had a great time chatting about anything and everything from Studio Ghibli’s anime films to work, apps for selling unwanted clothes (check out DPop and Vintit) and ceilidhs.

Once we were settled in, we were told not to turn over the card laid face down in front of us (‘It’s a secret’, we were told) and asked what we wanted to drink. When you’re given a Drinks Menu and asked what you want, where do you start?

If you haven’t see TGI’s drinks menu, there are about 8 pages of approximately 10 drinks per page

I decided to go for something fun and ordered the Popping Candy Strawberry Margarita (Jose Cuervo Especial tequila and BOLS Strawberry liqueur with fresh strawberries, lemon & lime juices and a popping candy rim) while the OH went with Moni’s expert suggestion and ordered the Hurricane (BACARDI Gold rum, passion fruit juice and BOLS Grenadine, topped with orange and lime juices).

Popping Candy Strawberry Margarita (L) and the Hurricane (R)

I enjoy a sweet drink and the margarita was exceptional, fruity without an overly strong taste of alcohol and the popping sweet rim was reminiscent of childhood memories of pouring a handful in my mouth while waiting for the strong popping sensations from pouring too much to subside. If you enjoy a good fruity cocktail, definitely try the Hurricane.

After a short time, we were finally allowed to meet the contestants. This was set up blind date style: you weren’t to know what ingredients were used in the burgers, you were to choose your ‘contestant’ based on their personalities and you chose your ‘date’ according to which you liked the sound of the most.

Time to meet the contestants!

The four of us sat around discussing which sounded good (if it wasn’t a burger we were choosing, I think the OH and I would have been most uncomfortable!) and ended up choosing different contestants so it was interesting to see what would arrive at our table.

I decided to go with contestant #5:

Bonjour, I bring a certain je ne sais quoi to this date. I’m rich, romantic and mysterious…but pour your sauce over me and Voila!! I’m yours

Who could resist a date like that?

I got the French Dip burger with Swiss cheese, onions, garlic mayo and a beef dipping sauce for the sweet potato chips I ordered and you can also pour over your burger.

I also ordered a Strawberry Caipiroska to go with the meal (SKYY vodka, BOLS Strawberry liqueur, sugar and a twist of lime with fresh strawberries)

It seems like a simple burger, but it was truly a date to remember. Nothing fancy, but being charmed by a Frenchie? Can’t say no to that!

The OH got contestant #2:

Down south, everything’s better when it’s smooth…and I’m no exception. One bite, and you’ll be mine. I’m all over everything and I’d like to be all over you. (PS – Think you know me? You don’t know Jack.)

We figured that sneaky ol’ Jack Daniels would be involved in this one, but we couldn’t tell how it would be different from contestant #8. We assumed this was the Double Glazed Jack Daniel’s burger with Monterey Jack cheese, Jack Daniel’s glazed bacon and mayo.

If the date wasn’t a burger, I think I would’ve been jealous!

Louise went with Contestant #7 and left with the memory of a cheesey yet ‘saucy’ date:

Louise’s date: the Cheeseburger Deluxe

…while Moni certainly didn’t feel like three was a crowd with contestant #3, so I’m most certain she left satisfied from a good time with her two dates in one!

Moni’s date: The Monster 2.0

It was a blogger event after all, so there was a photographer making the rounds to capture our infamous #burgerface:

How hot is your #burgerface?

Unfortunately, there was some issues with the printer so we didn’t get to leave with a copy of our #burgerface on the night, but as promised, we all got e-mailed our faces which I’m most definitely going to print and frame as a souvenir!

My best #burgerface

The OH is a bit shy so didn’t really make too much of a funny face

After much discussion and joking around, the OH and I (well, the girls and I decided and the OH had no choice but to go along with it) to go with the jealous type:

How do you like my jealous #burgerface?

It was a great night and I can’t wait to see the photos the photographer captured. I will definitely update this post with photos once I have them!

In the meantime, if you want a taste of one of the contestants on the blind date menu we were given, just tell your server, ‘I’ll have what Jack’s having’.

Many thanks to Telegraph Hill for the invite, TGI Fridays for the great night and for hosting the event, and to Louise and Moni for an enjoyable evening.


2 thoughts on “Updated: My first blind date ever…and it was with a burger!

  1. Loving this post, Michelle!
    That was truly an amazing blind date. You can imagine how jealous my boyfriend was when I showed him the picture of my gorgeous date. Haha!
    Have a great weekend!
    Moni x

    1. It was definitely a great night, thanks to you and Lou Lou for company! Your boyfriend should be proud of you for finishing that burger haha! Enjoy your weekend as well as your trip away, if you haven’t already been! x

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