Happy birthday to you!

The OH had his birthday recently to which I was frantically baking for in preparation for the surprise birthday and the 30+ guests we had invited to the event without him knowing. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to spend as much time out at the beach during the day, it was too hot for Tigger and Nala so after about 15 minutes of taking them to the beach and coaxing them to drink some water from their bowl to no avail, we had to bring them home where they would be more comfortable seeking out cooler spots to rest and drink water when they got too hot or thirsty.

Nala’s ferocious looking face caught on camera when she was panting

I did manage to get in a few nice shots from the beaches we visited, Longniddry Bents and Cramond, though.

View of the power plant that got shut down at Seton Sands, from Longniddry Bents

Whatchu lookin’ at, punk?


I finally got the chance to wear my Valentino-inspired lace dress as planned! I got so many compliments from friends it was very heartening to know that my hard work was appreciated. I decided that there would be a lot of mingling and I didn’t plan on standing on my feet in heels for long, so I wore flats for comfort and not dress up too much for a non-formal occasion.

Photo taken of me with the birthday boy by the OH’s mum

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the cakes but guests dined on an Indian buffet meal and had two options of cake: raspberry cheesecake brownie layers or fruit cake, then got to take home pumpkin pie cake truffles I made as favours for guests.

The birthday fruit cake the OH’s mum made

All in all, it turned out to be a great day for everyone. I was glad to be able to surprise the OH, especially when he was disappointed there were so many of his friends he grew up with that he just couldn’t seem to get to see often, but not only that, I was also able to bring together friends that haven’t seen each other in years and the guests were even more pleased to be able to catch up with old friends. Turned out to be a win-win situation for everyone. Not only that, the OH’s brother also managed to surprise him with a car he’s been lusting after for a while: the Vauxhall Nova saloon as a birthday gift.

The OH being presented with his new car (that’s not his brother by the way)

Not only was he surprised (and I was told by quite a few friends who were at the surprise party that it was a good surprise, seeing the confused look on his face) by the party turn-out and all the thoughtful and lovely gifts he received, I later also surprised him with more gifts – birthday cards and videos from some of his friends from abroad and some presents sent over by my family.

Not sure I can beat him in popularity!

Everyone had a good day and that was all that was important to me, although being an introvert, planning and attending large group events drains my energy levels, it was the happy face on the OH’s face that made it all worth it. Even Tigger was happy he got a balloon to play with at the end of the day! Who could say no to that?


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