Nice to meet you, Patisserie Valerie!

Source: Patisserie Valerie

One thing my friends and colleagues can attest to is my sweet tooth and also my inability to resist any delightful looking slices of baked heaven. I arranged to meet a friend at one of the Patisserie Valerie stores and knew I was going to be in trouble. Have you passed by any of their 3 stores in Edinburgh or any of their other cafés across the UK? They know how to tempt you into their stores to buy their pieces of decadence by their strategically displayed pastries and cakes or to enjoy their delicacies in their warm and welcoming café area where staff tempt you further with a nice cold drink during the hot summer days or a nice steaming cup of hot tea or coffee.

Source: Kanjian UK

Patisserie Valerie was first opened in Frith Street in London’s Soho in 1926 by Belgian born Madam Valerie. She came to London on a mission to introduce fine Continental Patisserie to the English. It was an instant success.

About Us, Patisserie Valerie

It most certainly is a success to this day! I have visited the café at least 3 times now and on every visit, I’ve ordered different pastries and cakes and they never fail to impress me. Each one has tempted my tastebuds further and even though I’m stuffed beyond recognition, my eyes can’t help but wander over the selection to see what else my tummy would like to taste next. Unfortunately, my friend and I were too busy devouring the slice of chocolate heaven for me to take a photo beforehand, but we decided to get the Giotto on this visit. I had taken a slice home for the OH on a previous occasion and really enjoyed the small spoonful I was offered, but was able to fully appreciate its flavour this time.

Giotto, similar to the tiramisu but with a chocolate mousse filling instead of marscapone cheese and a vanilla sponge instead of a coffee liqueur soaked sponge layer. Source: TripAdvisor

On previous visits, I’ve also had the pleasure of trying the mille fueille (so called because of the various layers of puff pastry) as well as the strawberry variation. I decided that it would be a nice treat for the OH (and myself of course!) if I brought some home to enjoy at our leisure.

The takeaway goodies from the Patisserie

Unfortunately, the bus journey home was not as smooth sailing as I’d hoped and as you can probably tell, the strawberry gateau with all its layers didn’t seem to survive the gravity too well and is now tilted to one side. I promise when served at the café, it does not have any such issues with being so tall (pun not intended).

Strawberry gâteau and mille feuille, £2.95 each for takeaway

Just for the sake of further showing you how tempting the pastries and cakes at the Patisserie is and difficult to turn down, here are some more irresistable and drool worthy handmade pieces of delight:

Mille Feuille

Strawberry Gâteau

Strawberry Mille Feuille

Did you also know they’d handcraft your wedding cake for you if you asked?

Marshmallow Meringue Obsession

White Cigarette

Are you tempted yet?

Patisserie Valerie can be found at the following locations in Edinburgh: 25 North Bridge, 158-162 Rose Street and 25 George IV Bridge and is open till 8pm.


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