Aren’t you a Rascal!

I’m a self confessed picky eater. I’m very particular about my food especially if I have tasted something good, I know what I’m looking for and don’t do too well when I try a new place and the quality of taste does not meet my expectations. That’s where having vouchers from Groupon for The Peacock Inn is great. This time, I got a voucher from itison, the Scottish discount site, for 4 people to enjoy burgers with a side of chips (fries for all non-British folk), coleslaw and a jalapeño relish at Rascals.

Source: Rascals Edinburgh Facebook page

Ever wondered what it would be like to put together those snacks you really like in a burger? Or to make an absolutely crazy burger and see how it would taste? If you’ve got one pictured in your head, Rascals probably already have it on their menu! The restaurant already has 12 different types of burgers on their main burger menu! As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the option to build you own burger or choice of a premium burger too.

Source: Rascals Edinburgh Facebook page

Rascals started off with their restaurant/bar in St Andrews and due to its overwhelming popularity, the decision was made to open a store in Edinburgh in December 2013. The opening night garnered lots of attention, with one of the Scottish Rugby players attending the VIP event. This is one of those places that gets attention not from lots of advertising, but more by word of mouth because of the great quality of the food!

The minute you enter the restaurant, there’s no frills or fuss, just a simple yet comfy and modern establishment that simply sells its name with their burgers. The waiting staff are great and ever at the ready to answer any questions you might have about any of their weird and wonderful (yet tasty!) menu offerings.

It’s quite difficult to choose which burger you’d like when you’ve never been. We actually spent about 15 minutes scrolling up and down the menu we were provided. This was even after I thought I had made up my mind between 2 burgers prior to our visit! In the end, I wasn’t sure how big the portions were going to be so I thought it would be safer to go with one of the smaller burgers and got the Ranch burger: beef burger patty with 2 onion rings, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce on two halves of a brioche bun.

The Ranch burger

I’ve had many a burger in my lifetime, but I never thought I’d find a place that makes a medium rare burger, this makes the beef burger real tender and succulent. It’s not that the burger patty is really bloody, but it’s still got that touch of pink yet it’s still got the melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes the burger such an enjoyable dish. The Ranch itself was definitely a good size, but for men it’ll be just right. Don’t forget, each dish is served with a generous portion of chips, coleslaw and a jalapeño relish!

Want something more substantial? There’s sure to be a burger on the menu to suit your needs! Why not try the BadBoy?

The Badboy burger: Double burger, double bacon and cheddar plus jalapeños

If you’re up for a challenge, why not try and defeat the latest contender for the Baby Poppa?

The Baby Poppa challenge: 3 burgers, 6 bacon, 6 cheddar slices, pulled pork, chips, slaw, relish, milkshake

You can always wash down your burger with one of their lovely milkshakes. Can’t beat a nice, cold Nutella milkshake!

Nutella milkshake

Rascals Edinburgh is located on 65-67 South Bridge. To make reservations, call 0131 556 7387.

Have you been to the Edinburgh or St Andrew’s stores? Which was your favourite burger?


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