A quick and simple (but tasty!) dish

My main focus recently has been all about eating healthier, partially because of my New Year’s Resolution to eat better and to avoid consuming food that doesn’t agree with me. I’ve even switched successfully to using soy milk instead of my usual skimmed milk and I’ve been reaching less for the salt and soy sauce in the condiments drawer (well, not as often as I used to anyway!) for which I’m quite proud.

Last night, the OH made a quick and simple meal that was simply delish! Apart from cooking a couple of ingredients, it’s quite easy to make and ready to eat in 20 minutes!

Garlic and parsley naan bread with fried halloumi cheese and assorted veg

Serves 2

1 naan bread or pitta bread cut in half
1/4 of a block of halloumi cheese, sliced
1 small onion
Handful of mushrooms
Spinach leaves
1tbsp alsamic vinegar
1 tbsp of virgin olive oil for dressing

1. Soak the spinach leaves in cold water (this keeps them crisp and fresh) and cut your onion and mushrooms to your size and shape of choice

2. Add the onions and mushroom to the pan and cook well, add the balsamic vinegar for taste

3. Heat a separate pan on high heat for a few minutes, once this is hot lower the heat to medium and heat up the slices of halloumi cheese

4. Cut your piece of naan/pitta bread in half and put this in the toaster/grill oven to heat it up

5. Drain your spinach leaves and add the oil for flavour. We used some of our Italian truffle infused virgin olive oil which was amazingly good

6. Put your bread on a plate, add the ingredients on top and serve!

The great thing is with frying halloumi, you don’t really need the oil. As long as the pan is piping hot before you add the cheese and turn it down, the small amount of brine that is absorbed in the cheese in the packet will start to drain and won’t stick to the pan. Sure there’s salty brine in it usually which means it might not be the best option, but every once in a while you need to add something with a little flavour to your meal to make it taste nice. Who can say no to a little bit of Cypriot cheese? With any portion, you would only really need a few slices, technically in this sense you won’t be consuming too much of the brine and salt.

Ever since I discovered great bubble tea at Frisky, I’ve been visiting frequently and trying out the different flavours. My favourite so far is definitely the cocoa and the taro (purple yam or ube) bubble tea! I’ve even tried the strawberry black tea with strawberry popping boba which was definitely an experience, it doesn’t have the same texture as normal tapioca pearls, but definitely worth a try if you want something different!

New and foreign inventions can sometimes seem intimidating and you’re not sure what you’ll be getting, but I’ve introduced bubble tea to so many friends here in Edinburgh and every single person is now hooked onto this beverage. When you get to choose your own flavoured tea and chew on caramel tapioca pearls (like caramel flavoured gummy bears), it’s truly an eye-opening experience! How bad can it be to try something new when even Tigger likes his cup?

I still crave the hazelnut bubble tea you can get from Chatime branches (like the one in London or the various stalls in Hong Kong), but Frisky is still a good place to satisfy my bubble tea cravings!

What do you think about bubble tea, do you love/hate it? Where’s your favourite bubble tea joint?


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