Simple, quick and healthy recipes for healthier living

One of the many New YEar’s Resolutions I made was to try and introduce a healthier diet that didn’t include harmful ingredients to my health. I knew I consumed too much sugar too much soy sauce and sugar for my own good, and that milk (no matter that it was whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed) didn’t agree with me, and I knew it was time to make a change.

A few months back, I introduced some quick and simple recipes that didn’t include any additional ingredients for flavourimg like sugar or soy sauce, and I’m still on the hunt for some great recipes to keep a healthier diet. One of the recipes I resurrected from memory with the help of my OH is to make a homemade beverage that has been on my mind, but haven’t had, for the past 10 years or so: strawberry milk.

Strange as it sounds, the strawberry milk I’m talking about is not the strawberry flavoured milk you can get in your local supermarket. I’m talking about the thick, wholesome kind with real, juicy strawberries. The difference between the milk I enjoy and the ones you get from Tesco or Sainsbury, is you make a strawberry purée first and pour the milk in afterwards. Here’s how we made ours.

Strawberry purée with milk

Makes eapprox. 4-5 glasses

A punnet of strawberries (approx. 250g)
A pint of milk (we used a 500ml carton of soy milk)
2 tbsp of sugar or honey (optional)

1. Cut the strawberries in halves or quarters, depending on its size (larger ones should be cut in quarters)

2. To bring out the juices from the fruit, add in the sugar/honey

3. If you’re using a food processor, put the strawberries in the jug; alternatively you can also use a handheld mixer. Purée the strawberries

4. Pour the strawberry purée into a cup until half full

5. Next pour the milk into the cup. How much you pour depends on how thick you want your milk, I tend to get enough so that the milk reaches 3/4 of the cup

6. Before you drink, swirl/mix the purée with the milk and enjoy!

I prefer the milk to be slightly on the thinner side and enjoy the mixture of the thinner milk with the somewhat thicker texture of the strawberry purée. If you’d like a thicker consistency (like a fruit smoothie), the other option would be to add the milk to the purée and give it another good mix before serving.

I recently came across articles that promised quick dinners and raw no-cook meals that really mademy taste buds tingle. After all, as long as the ingreidents are raw, and you’re using healthier options (remember you can always be adventurous and substitute ingredients with others – or leave them out! – instead of following recipes to the T), there’s no harm in indulging in the occasional cheese or tortilla to make your meal delicious!

Here are my favourite recipes that I intend to try and spice up my culinary life with:

Shaved raw asparagus with parmesan dressing

Marinated mushroom caps

Raw corn and radish salad with spicy lime dressing

Vietnamese summer spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce

Oyster mushroom and dried cherry tomato fetuccini with Cuban oregano

Spicy Asian chicken salad lettuce cups

Roast beef summer rolls

Mexican rice bowl

Asian noodle salad with chicken and cilantro

Vietnamese caramel pork stir fry

My mouth is already watering, looking at all those beautifully served dishes! Those are the ones that I fancied experimenting with at some point (in the near future!), but there are always sites you can refer to for healthy eating recipes, including these suggestions on the Team BeachBody forum to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Have you tried any of the recipes above? Got any tested and true healthy eating recipes you want to share?


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