Happy Easter Monday!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Monday! I’m quite pleased that we’ve had the long weekend off, it’s been so hectic at work that I really needed the time off before the Scottish exams start up again. Luckily the weather has kept well and although the temperature has been hovering between 7° and 12°C, the sun has definitely been shining right the way through the day. It’s definitely spring in Scotland now, even though the winds can get quite chilly at times, so don’t forget to bring your jacket out with your sunnies! My favourite part of spring is seeing the flowers come into bloom and my favourite ones to see are cherry blossoms, also known as the sakura in Japan.

Cherry blossoms in bloom in Edinburgh

DUring this long weekend, I managed to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and worked on my summer midi skirt which I completed in 4.5 hours. It just goes to show that it takes time and dedication to really get things done! Through the whole process of making my own items of clothing and pieces of jewellery, I’ve come to realise that making truly exceptional or beautiful items take time and this is normally reflected in the cost of the item; where you are paying a good price for a well crafted item, it’s more than likely the designer is selling themselves short to make a name for themselves.

With the weather being so nice it was also a great chance for me to wear my handmade shirt dress.

Dress: my own. Scarf: Mint Velvet. Belt: H&M. Sunglasses: New Look.

You can’t really walk out the door without bringing a jacket with you though, it does still get quite chilly, even if it means bringing a light one or a hoodie with you.

Jacket: Mint Velvet. Shoes: Ed Hardy

As adults, you could still have fun and go out for Easter, even have an easter egg hunt if you like! We ended up getting lots of easter chocolates without hunting for them, as well as a lovely Mini Eggs chocolate cake to go with our lovely Easter barbecue with some friends this weekend.

Easter offerings

This has to be one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had, will need to make sure I get the recipe!

On another note, sometimes you forget how majestic some of the historic buildings in Edinburgh can seem. On passing by Fettes College, a private secondary school, it’s hard to believe that teenagers go in and out of this building without being able to fully appreciate its beauty.

Fettes College

Days like these, I truly feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful, historic city like Edinburgh where old and new are side by side, historic buildings are conservated to maintain its rich Scottish cultural heritage whilst moving forward to embrace the future.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Did you celebrate Good Friday and Easter Monday with friends and family?


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