My latest obsession: structured bags

I blame it on the fact that I’m a woman and like to buy at least one of each style of everything that suits me: midi skirts, tunic tops, tea dresses, faux fur snoods, and mock animal skin bags just to name a few.

As the name of this post suggests, one of the things I always liked was a good structured bag. It holds everything in, no matter what you put in it and unless you overfill it, you won’t get any bulging at the sides from bulky items. The design of the bag means it keeps its shape for a long time and for some, like my small silver Dior Panarea tote, will slouch, especially with less materials that aren’t tough like leather or canvas, but it still looks beautiful when it’s worn over time.

I recently saw the structured crocodile mini bags on the Salvatore Ferragamo runway for Milan Fashion Week and I couldn’t help but ogle:

Salvatore Ferragamo at Milan Fashion Week. Source: Snob Essentials

Exotic skins have always been favoured by designer houses, not only because it makes the woman (or man) carrying that bag know that their bag is one of a few made by that house, but also because exotic skins and furs have been considered to be a symbol of wealth and luxury. It also reminded me of a bag I got not too long ago from the Avon catalogue on offer for just £9.99 when I spent £10 across the catalogue on other goodies:

Avon Adrielle pink mock croc bag. Source: Avon Connects

While some of us enjoy watching what is set down the runway for Fashion Weeks across the world, not all of us can afford the designer price tags attached to those lovely bags, so here are my favourite high street picks:

Ted Baker T tote bag, £229 from ASOS

ASOS smart front flap bag, £35 from ASOS

Shell Pink Laser Cut Panel Winged Tote, £24.99 from New Look

Love Moschino I love logo zip top handbag, £154 from ASOS

Dune quilted metal detail bag, £75 from ASOS

Warehouse twistlock mini smart bag, £34 from ASOS

Pink Bow Lock Snakeskin Bag, £12.99 from New Look

Fiorelli Bailey colour block shoulder bag, £59 from ASOS

Coral Structured Metal Plate Satchel, £15.99 from New Look

Karen Millen multi zip small croc bag, £185 from ASOS

Do you have a favourite structured bag you carry? Any designer obsessions?


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