How I Wear: my Maison Miru beauties!

Since I put my Maison Miru order in on Wednesday night when it opened at 8pm GMT, I got it just in time for the weekend for which I was very excited about! What girl doesn’t love receiving jewellery, especially when it comes in such lovely packaging?

Image Hosted by
My Maison Miru package with a lovely personalised card from Trisha

Most of the time when jewellery comes in its protective bags or boxes, I don’t pay it any attention. I look at and I put it to one side for when that piece comes off again and needs to be stored safely. I was so excited though to see the woven cloth bag with the Maison Miru logo, just what I like: simple yet elegant. So what did I do with my pieces when I got them? Wore some of them immediately, of course!

Image Hosted by
(L-R): ‘Feed’ Friendship bracelet, Links of London. Rose gold Audrey Forever Love bangle, Maison Miru. Jens Pind weave chain maille bracelet, White Oak Jewellery. Silver Eugenie bamboo bracelet, Maison Miru.

I really like how all the bracelets seem to compliment each other even though there are different colours involved, but that’s the beauty of having simple statement pieces – you can always stack them up and they’ll still look good! As for the necklaces, I’ve already decided that the Cecelia Crystal Wreath Choker will be used for my wedding day which will be very exciting!

Image Hosted by
Cecelia Crystal Wreath Choker from Maison Miru – the one I’m wearing on my wedding day!

Speaking of jewellery, I’ve got more exciting posts coming up, one of which is my interview with Anne Tweed, jewellery designer and owner of White Oak Jewellery! There’s also my visit to see birds of prey and my faux fur throw tutorial still to come, so stay tuned!


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