Introducing…Maison Miru!

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Maison Miru

On opening night (at 8pm GMT tonight) for the brand itself, I thought I should at least share some of the excitement I’m feeling at the moment! The build up and the hype prior to the online store opening has certainly whetted my appetite to go and do a little extravagant (yet guilt-free!) shopping splurge ever since I won the £100 shopping spree from Maison Miru!


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I’m sure you’ve all heard, or been a part of, the announcement of designer and high street collaborations where fanatics queue up some days before the actual opening day (and hour) just to get their hands on the best pieces. While I like to get my hands on a great piece of high street-priced designer item, I don’t think I’ve ever been that eager to queue up days beforehand just to get it. The anticipation of seeing what Maison Miru had in store for their capsule collection on opening day was definitely exciting and I definitely was not disappointed by what is on offer. What makes the brand even better, is that they know how to sell their goods: the team at Maison Miru want your input on what you’d like to see get made by their talented designer team!

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Maison Miru front page

For a capsule collection, they sure have quite a selection to offer in terms of necklaces, bracelets and earrings to suit all tastes. There are elaborate celebrity-inspired pieces to rock glam skull pieces. They’ve even got simple yet elegant pieces that can be stacked or worn with your own favourite pieces of jewellery or even with other pieces from their range. My favourite kind.

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Necklaces from their capsule collection on opening night. Source: Maison Miru

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Capsule collection of bracelets. Source: Maison Miru

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Capsule collection of earrings. Source: Maison Miru

So I know you’re wondering what I did with my £100 shopping spree giveaway. First of all, let me just say it was quite hard to decide, who knew that when you’re given free reign to spend £100 that it could be so difficult! I’m normally the kind of person who balks at spending more than £20 at the supermarket! So here’s what I splurged my £100 on in the online store:

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Cecelia crystal wreath choker, £40 from Maison Miru

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Audrey Forever Love bangle in plated rose gold, £28 from Maison Miru

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Gracie blue chandelier necklace, £26 from Maison Miru

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Eugenie bamboo bangle in plated silver, £18 from Maison Miru

Can you imagine how great it felt to get all those gorgeous pieces and only spend £12 for £112 worth of jewellery? That is definitely the first guilt-free shopping trip I’ve ever done. Too bad I couldn’t spend my £5 Maison Miru Founding Member welcome voucher alongside my £100 spree voucher. I suppose it would have been asking for too much, but it couldn’t get any better than only spending £7 on all those goodies instead of £12 right?

Although I didn’t end up getting these, they are quite a lovely pair of statement earrings that I think would bring some edginess to a formal evening out. What better than to let people see you wearing some gorgeous earrings, believing they’d be expensive gemstones like emeralds and diamonds, to take a closer look and be surprised by the unique nature of these ‘elegant’ drop earrings. Who said rock and studs can’t be glamorous?

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Jasmine crystal spike earrings, £28 from Maison Miru

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Model wearing the Jasmine crystal spike earrings, £28 from Maison Miru

I can’t thank Trisha and the Maison Miru team enough for giving me the £100 spree to spend in the store. I can’t wait to see the package come through the door with the lovely Maison Miru printed jewellery bags inside!

What are your favourite pieces from the Maison Miru capsule collection? If you had won the £100 spree, what would you have bought from the store?


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