You can’t go wrong with red…or rose

I’d be the first to admit that while I like to keep up with the world of fashion, I’m the first to stick to what I like, even if it’s no longer in fashion. While everyone goes out to buy the latest skinny jeans, I experiment with a pair or two, but I refuse to throw out my flare jeans. The new ‘thing’ is to wear statement jewellery like chunky necklaces, I hold on to my simple statement pieces and layer on my favourites. I resisted the invention of the e-reader for almost a year and a half, preferring to read a hardcover version of the newest titles from my favourite authors or exploring the written world of new authors in paperbacks, before I finally succumbed to the ease of carrying more than 100 titles in a simple, lightweight device called the Kindle. Where most women prefer the classic romantic idea of getting a diamond engagement ring, I was a rebel and asked for a pink sapphire engagement ring instead. Some women prefer to make a bold statement with red, I prefer the slightly more understated colour of rose or pink. Image Hosted by Natalie Portman for the new Dior Rouge lipstick. Source: Beauty Lab Red has always been a classic colour that is considered elegant and never goes out of style. It’s a bold colour that doesn’t need anything else and a bold lipstick colour makes a statement with natural make up. It’s also the colour of choice for nail varnish over the years for women who wanted to show off their sex appeal without going all out and wear a red dress that was considered too ‘bold’ in old-fashioned times. After using London as one of the locations for the Lady Dior story and setting up a pop up store in Harrod’s, it appears Dior wants to continue that connection by introducing with the Dior Rouge collection, the bright red Vernis called ‘Trafalgar’. Image Hosted by Dior Vernis in Trafalgar, #657. Source: Pokim di Tudo blog I’m sure many of you are aware of the sights to see in London, but for those who aren’t aware, the namesake is for Trafalgar Square, the site built to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar of 1805. As I said, red is quite a bold colour for me and while it works for most women, wearing red nail varnish doesn’t really complement my skin tone. Even with pinks, I have to be wary of what I choose, otherwise I end up looking like Barbie without trying (not that I want to). The Trafalgar’s more subtle Vernis counterpart can almost be imagined to be peeking from behind the siren waiting to be noticed, the aptly named Darling. Image Hosted by Dior Vernis in Darling, #653. Source: Manicurator The only other time I ever bought a stronger shade of pink nail varnish that I like was when I posted about my obsession with the Dior Cruise 2013 Vernis, #658 Pastèque. Both are great colours in their own right: the Pastèque I would say is almost like a watermelon coral colour which I really like, while you can see from Manicurator’s photo the Darling is a stronger shade of pink. The Pastèque would probably be more of an elegant colour that you could use for the day or evening whereas the aptly named Darling is a more quiet, subtle colour that is also a bit more fun. Image Hosted by Dior Rouge Vernis collection. Source: Dior Ladies and gentlemen, would you say you’re more for red or pink/rose?


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