Givenchy Shark Lock Knee Boots – Look for less

I had this huge (and I mean HUGE) obsession with heeled boots that have the flared leather cuff over them that seemed to be the trend that was brought over from Japan to Hong Kong way back when. I was determined to find the perfect pair and did spot one in a local brand shoe store, but the only problem was the boots were suede and I wasn’t much of a skirt/dress girl then – I was still a wee bit of a tomboy and wore mostly flared jeans. With great difficulty, I decided to let those go. But now I know, it’s something that will probably be here to stay for a while.

When I saw the post on the Talk Shoes blog, I couldn’t believe it. There Chrissy Teigen is, wearing the boots I had been dreaming of in high school and would still try and pull off.

Image Hosted by
Chrissy Teigen and her camel Givenchy Shark Lock Knee Boots. Source: Talk Shoes

Image Hosted by
Close up of Chrissy Teigen’s Givenchy Shark Lock Knee Boots. Source: Talk Shoes

Of course, being a celebrity, they wouldn’t normally be buying from a high street store.
These boots from Givenchy retail for US$1895 (approx. £1186.25) and were available from Net-a-Porter for £1370. I know it’s a hit or miss style with fashionistas all over the world, but I find the best way to work it is to wear shorts like Chrissy Teigen did, skinny jeans and a short top that hits you at the hip, or with a mini skirt (or dress) à la Kim Kardashian:

Image Hosted by
Kim Kardashian and her black Givenchy Shark Lock Knee Boots. Source: Miss Info

I find the length of these boots hit you just right under your knee and the unbroken length of leather used for the flared cuff gives off an illusion that your legs seem longer which is always great for smaller people like me. With a hip-length fitted top, it’s all about proportion. With the flared cuff, it seems loose so you want to keep the proportions right and not make that the focus of your outfit.

Now regular people like you and me won’t normally be able to afford about £1200 on all our shoes and boots and this is considered a luxury. If you’re really lucky, you might even be able to find a second hand pair in excellent condition on Ebay, but I’d imagine that these sort of boots from a designer like Givenchy would be snapped up in no time.

I was still able to satisfy my fashion obsession with these ones from Irregular Choice:

Image Hosted by
Irregular Choice brown leather It’s A Wrap boots, £34.99 from gogo_bargains

I’ve always had a soft spot for the quirky and unusual designs from Irregular Choice and they definitely haven’t disappointed me by bringing out the flared boots. If you haven’t seen their designs before and you’d like to own a pair of uniquely intricate or vintage style pair of shoes, have a look at their online store. One of my favourites is still, definitely, the black patent and pin-stripe Flick Flack.

Another similar style from ebay would be these Western style zipper fold over boots:

Image Hosted by
Western style zipper fold over boots, £19.37 from lkstyle2010

On a separate note, for those of you who know would benefit from this, Etsy have expanded their reach of gift cards so it’s now available in Euros and British Pounds – which means it’s available to use in Europe and the UK respectively! This is a huge deal because while their gift cards are going ‘global’, it’s also good news for sellers in drumming up new customers and allows buyers an additional way of paying for things if they don’t have a Paypal account and don’t want to divulge their card details on an unfamiliar website!

Accepting Gift Cards in Your Shop

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Etsy blog post: ‘Etsy Gift Cards Are Going Global!’

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What are your thoughts on the Givenchy Shark Lock Knee Boots? Do you own a pair or are you not a fan?


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