The elusive Mulberry Lily leopard print shoulder bag

Ever looked at something, anything, and decided the price or something about it just wasn’t right, or you just thought you didn’t need it and made the conscious (and sometimes hard) decision to walk away, but thought about it some time down the future? This happened to me on more than one occasion, but one that keeps cropping up in my mind is the Metallic leopard print Lily bag I decided not to get from Mulberry.

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Mulberry Lily shoulder bag in metallic red leopard print, was US$695 (approx. £428.91). Source: Polyvore

What I really like about the bag is the size (it’s considered a small/medium sized bag without being too heavy) and the metallic leopard print which you rarely find done on a bag! The choice of red or camel metallic is also appealing. The gold leopard print on camel-coloured suede gives a bit of glamour to the subtle classic colour, but if you want a bit of a statement bag, the lipstick red colour is nicely offset by the contrasting metallic colour print.

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The Lily in red and camel metallic leopard print. Source: MyMANybags blog

The long chain is intertwined with leather and is reminiscent of the chains on Chanel flap bags. The chain can be worn long as a cross body bag or shortened by pulling on both ends from the flap so it’s worn as a double short chain shoulder bag. It also features the signature postman’s lock on the flap which I still find fascinating how designers can make a simple lock on a bag suit their designs. The silver hardware compliments the metallic print nicely without being overbearing (gold hardware with red suede doesn’t work for me, and with the camel suede it wouldn’t be noticeable at all) which is always a plus. As PurseBlog noted when it was first introduced to the world of fashion in 2010, the size is just right so that it’s a simple, subtle but eye-catching bag that has made its own stamp in everyone’s minds, men and women (even MyMANybags featured it on his blog!).

Image Hosted by
Source: PurseBlog

As I’ve posted before, my own two furbabies (especially when we first got Tigger) changed my mind about leopard print accessories and from there, made my very first double faux leopard print fur infinity snood end of last year. Oh and who can forget the lovely Valentino leopard print Rockstud that’s on my dream designer bag list, and those New Look leopard print court shoes with the gold heels I’m still waiting for a chance to wear? With this bag being coveted by celebrities and fasionistas alike, you’d be hard-pressed to find one in Like New condition these days, even on eBay!

With more and more designers catching on the animal print and exotic skins trend with each passing year on the runway and each new Fashion Week (if you haven’t seen them yet, check out the bags sent down the S/S 2014 Dior runway just this week), it’s hard not to fall in love with the prints that bring together nature with our busy man-constructed world of buildings, electronics and other fascinating inventions. Living in the city, the only chance you get of seeing an animal that’s not a dog or cat (or even a pet llama or ferret if you’re lucky!) is at your local zoo.

If you like leopard prints but don’t want to support the trade of using animals for your bag, there are vegan leather options from different designers, although maybe not necessarily all premiere and contemporary designers follow this trend like Stella McCartney.

The Lily collection can still be purchased on Mulberry’s online store for between £595 to £3000 in a range of leathers and exotic skins.

What are your thoughts on the Lily? Do you own one of the metallic leopard print suede, smooth leather or exotic skin Lily bags? Which one would you want to own the most?


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