You are always on my mind, Valentino Rockstud

Ever since I posted about the Purseblog’s feature on the Valentino Rockstud collection earlier in the year, I haven’t been able to get that eye candy off my mind. What’s more, the Purseblog even cited it as one of the top 5 bags you need to buy now and carry around for the next 6 months!

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Medium Garavani Rockstud black calfskin tote, £ 1,375 from Valentino online store

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Source: Valentino

It doesn’t look like the Rockstud collection is going to be one force of fashion nature that can be stopped either! The first mention of the Rockstud collection was on the Purseblog where it was picked as one of the trendy holiday handbags. This was back in 2011. The Valentino Noir was then introduced in 2012 and Terry Richardson, one of the most prominent and highly sought after fashion photographers, not only shot, but also featured in the ads for the collection in May of this year.

Even just going on to the Valentino online store, you’ll find the Rockstud tote itself comes in a variety of styles. This has to be one of my favourites, in addition to the block coloured classic black calfskin of course:

Image Hosted by
Medium Garavani black pony skin tote with leopard print, £ 2,340 from Valentino online store

Image Hosted by
Source: Valentino

The darker ruthenium (a metal in the platinum family) finish on the studs offsets the print on the pony hair nicely and gives off a subtle edge to the classic brightly polished silver studs. The tote itself has really caught my eye, only because the expanse of calfskin leather used on the bag is only characterised by the studs on the edges of the bag. It’s not excessive in putting it’s rock edge to the simple bag, making it great for carrying around as an everyday bag, to match your rocker outfit or to add a bit of spice to a simple dress and heels. It’s also roomy enough to carry all you need. The trapeze shape resembles that of the Céline Luggage Tote, but with the Rockstud tote, the sides can be taken in when the longer strap is used.

My budget set aside for handbags means I won’t be able to afford one anytime soon, especially with planning and saving up for a wedding still in motion, but one can always dream right?

In the meantime with other exciting news, work on the maxi dress is comin along nicely. I have the pieces cut from the snake print voile and am working on getting the lining cut before the assembly process begins. Luckily for me, the mannequin I ordered myself from Amazon UK using the gift voucher I got for my birthday arrived just in the nick of time today!

Image Hosted by
Assembled mannequin, £22.40 from Amazon UK

This will be really helpful when it comes to knowing how much to take in and adjusting the hem so I don’t have to try it on every time. Also pinning the fabric will be a lot easier when I don’t have to worry about giving myself lots of pin holes!

Speaking of rockin’ accessories, when you’re carrying a sophisticated studded bag like the Rockstud or are thinking of some other eyecatching accessory to pair with your simple outfit, why not do it with your shoes?

Image Hosted by
White leopard print faux suede court shoes with metal heel, £19.99 from New Look

I was never really big on animal prints, but when you find the right print done the right way, it can really change perspective on things. I’d been looking for a nice pair of leopard print heels for ages. I’m quite picky in that I like comfortable heels and white leopard print, but if you look around it’s not that easy to find one that I really like. So when I came across these ones from New Look which were in the window display, I had to go and try them on.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about the contrasting gold heel to the leopard print. I’m not a big fan of flashy heels, and pointy toes are a no go for me, but when I tried them on, the toe isn’t too pointed because of the shorter toe on the shoe. The contrasting gold heel is quite subtle as well. I didn’t make an effort with the outfit I wore to try on the shoes as I stopped by after work. It looked great with my faded blue skinny jeans and I knew I just had to buy them. Talk about finding a perfect fit!

You can see photos here of how the Valentino Rockstud net tote is made in the Valentino factory, courtesy of the Purseblog.

What are your thoughts on the Valentino Rockstud collection? Do you own one or would you like to?

Are you working on any dressmaking projects you would like to share or get advice on?


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