Summer wedges

I’ve never really been a big fan of wedges. The shape of the heel all joined at the sole just didn’t appeal to the more classic feminine fashion side of me, I liked the slim heel of the stiletto or the slightly more masculine look of the sturdy block heel. It all comes down to the classic or traditional view of the design of a high heel. A pair of well-made wedges gives you the comfort of walking without worrying about stepping on cobbled pavements or cracks and holes in the road and provides more stability because of the wider surface area. It can also be somewhat cumbersome if you prefer the higher heels which then means when you’re lifting your foot, you’re lifting a larger load on your foot than a simple stiletto.

I used to be pretty much against using exotic animal skins like python, even if it’s made on embossed leather or suede, or more vegan friendly embossed PU because the look of anything with exotic skin print just didn’t appeal to me. Sometimes it’s finding the right product that can change your mind.

I’m still not a big fan of big wedge heels, but when window shopping with some friends over the weekend, I found a pair of mid-heel wedges that managed to convince me wedges aren’t so bad after all.

Image Hosted by
Nude pastel raffia low wedges, £19.99 from New Look

When it comes to nude coloured heels, I’m a bit picky because of my skin tone. The more brown-toned nude colour makes it look like I’m not wearing anything at all apart from clear shiny plastic, whereas on a fairer skinned woman, it nicely contrasts with their skin tone. These raffia heels happen to have pastel coloured stripes mixed with metallic coloured thread to give it some contrast and actually looks nice when worn for a more casual/formal event or with jeans. Versatility is my favourite aspect of shopping for clothes or accessories.

Image Hosted by
Pink and red aztec print cross strap cork wedges, on sale for £12.00 from New Look

I really like the contrasting red and pink colours on these higher wedges, although my previous reservation about higher wedges and their weight on your feet stops me from running straight to my nearest New Look and buying them. If they were slightly lower, I wouldn’t hesitate! I tried on an aztec print maxi dress and with the wealth of fabric on a maxi dress, it just ended up looking too busy on me. With aztec print on just the straps of these wedges paired with a simple block coloured sundress or jeans and a plain white top, it’ll be the perfect shoes to make your simple outfit pop.

For something slightly more simple, you can also get hessian cross strap wedges if pattern doesn’t really suit your style. River Island offers these beauties which still give you some colour and would look nice with a bright coloured top and white trousers:

Image Hosted by
Two part espadrille wedges, £38 from River Island

I used to have these wedges, but ended up selling them on because I had too many shoes to try and wear. I like the simplicity of this style and the cross strap can help to make your feet look slimmer if you’ve got wide feet like me. The black colour also means it’s easier to match it with any outfit you decide to wear without having to worry about clashing colours:

Image Hosted by
Black canvas hessian wedges, £9 from Ebay

What are your thoughts on wedges? Have you got a favourite pair?


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