Oversized clutches and maxi dresses

You can definitely feel summer in the air, with the warmer air and the brightly shining sun. Something about summer and bright coloured prints just calls to me this year. I can honestly say that in the past, I only wore pastels and monochromes, but I’m starting to experiment more with colour and not just with my T-shirts!

Ever since I became obsessed with the Bois De Rose python New Lock Pochette from Dior and seeing the BCBG Max Azria Emeline clutch in teal, I started looking for other python skin (or imitation) items, like the suede snakeskin embossed slingbacks from H&M. While some would argue that the craftsmanship and elegance of authentic python skin is worth every penny, sometimes not having to take extra care of your multi-thousand pound bag is also less stressful. For those who are also concerned about animal welfare but are into the fashion world, getting a vegan-friendly option is achievable!

Since I couldn’t achieve my dreams of eventually saving up for the Bois De Rose python New Lock Pochette or the teal Emeline clutch, I’ve managed to find one bag that fits 3 of my requirements: an oversized clutch which is low maintenance and has a snakeskin embossed pattern. Instead of just one, I’ve found 2 different options.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Blue diagnoal zip PU snakeskin embossed oversized clutch, £17 from Accessorize

For those who want a bit of a statement bag with the colour to match, this bag will certainly grab everyone’s attention. The bag is made from synthetic material and the snakeskin pattern is embossed, meaning there’s no need to worry about curling scales which is a natural occurrence in authentic python skin bags. The silver zip contrasts nicely with the strong blue colour and the tassel zip-pull as well as the diagonal cut of the top gives the clutch a bit of character. The fold in the clutch is secured with a snap closure and comes with a chain for those who want to go hands free for a fun night out! With an oversized clutch, you can fit in your essentials for a night out and more, but most importantly it’ll comfortably fit my longer-sized phone (remember my new Blackberry Z10?)

Personally, while I quite liked the blue colour of the bag (it’s a statement bag for sure), I prefer versatility in my bags. I like to know that if I change my outfit, I won’t be stuck with wearing monochromes in order to complement the bag. My bag should complement the outfit. So instead of the blue, I went with the slightly more subtle (but elegant and a statement colour in its own right) coral one:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Coral diagonal zip PU snakeskin embossed oversized clutch, £12.99 from New Look

So I’ve finally found my bag, but another thing small/petite people like me (I’m only 5’5″) struggle with is pulling off the maxi dress. It’s always been thought of that the maxi dress only looks good on tall, thin women who have the figure of a model. I’ve found that shopping in the right stores and finding one that suits your figure and style means you don’t have to keep believing this misconception! Depending on the hem of the dress, if you like a dress but find it’s too long and the hem is dragging on the floor, you could possibly shorten it so that it just reaches floor-length without looking like you’re wearing dress up in your mum’s clothes! Wearing heels if it’s just slightly dragging can also help, especially with the re-introduction of heeled sandals for the summer. The ones that work best are obviously straight hems, but fret not if the hem is edged with, say, lace. Straight-edged hems means a straightforward taking up. With edged hems, find out if the trim can be removed so you can take up the hem and sew the trim back on. I’ve found a few maxi dresses that I feel will suit different personal styles (and budgets):

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Pale green Chelsea Girl lace maxi dress, £35 from River Island

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Firetrap black Rani three-way maxi dress, now on sale for £76.99 from New Look

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Chiffon print maxi dress, £29.99 from H&M

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Religion Storming Raven maxi dress, was £70 now sold out from ASOS

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tokyo Doll white gypsy maxi dress, £19.99 from New Look

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Merrie’s limited edition mesh dip-dye hem maxi dress, £450 from Free People

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Satin dress with a low V-neck and wrapover skirt, £34.99 from the H&M Conscious collecion

What are your fashion favourites for the summer?


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