Mini bag attack!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the visitors who have stopped by to view my blog, it is very much appreciated, especially since I’ve only been doing this as a hobby to express my interest in bags, dressmaking and other craft projects! I haven’t yet started on any dressmaking projects just yet since I finished the outstanding orders I had, but with the weather turning more towards summer, I’m hoping to finally make something out of the watercolour floral fabric I mentioned in a previous post that I got from Amsterdam. I’m also one step closer to getting the dress patterns for my own wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses, but I’ll keep that a closely guarded secret until the big reveal…in 2 years’ time. Wouldn’t want the groom-to-be happening on my blog and seeing the dress before The Big Day now, would we? 😉

Back to business, I wrote about the Reed Krakoff Micro Boxer bag not that long ago where I also mentioned the Céline Micro Luggage Tote. How about another mini bag, but this time with a more affordable price tag?

Coach is well known for its reputation in leather goods and had Gwyneth Paltrow fronting their 70th anniversary advertising campaign back in 2011. So when I saw the new mini crossbody Emmy Rossum was sporting on The Purse Blog, I had to stop my jaw from dropping:

Image Hosted by
Emmy Rossum with her mini coral Coach Tanner crossbody bag. Source: The Purse Blog

Similar to the Reed Krakoff Micro Boxer bag, I really like the proportion of the bag with the oversized tassles which makes the bag look even cuter, kind of like a little girl trying to walk around in her dear mummy’s high heels, but in a bag style. You can’t help but like that little bit of quirkiness to it! Here are some additional shots of the bag:

Image Hosted by
Mini Coach Tanner crossbody bag in coral. Source: Coach

Image Hosted by
Source: Coach

The mini Tanner is part of Coach’s Legacy collection and retails between US$258 (approx £150) for the canvas version to US$268 (approx £176) for the perforated leather version. The smooth leather version Emmy Rossum carries is US$258 (approx £169). If you want something a little more unique, how about this zebra print leather version? I’d snap it up in a second if it came in coral!

Image Hosted by
Zebra leather mini Tanner crossbody bag, US$258 (approx £169).Source: Coach


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