Designer handbag mania!

It’s been a while since a new designer bag has caught my eye that I truly lusted after. It seems that the designers are aware though that consumers want something that will catch the eye of other fashionistas and make a fashion statement under the bright sun. The Purse Blog is one of my favourite blogs to browse, just because it’s all about bags, celebrities’ bags and shoes!

The first blog entry that made my designer bag inner self rear her head in interest is the Balenciaga City mini

Image Hosted by
Balenciaga Mini City in Coral, US$1295 (approx £861)

You might already know from reading my previous post about the Reed Krakoff micro Boxer and the Céline Micro Luggage Tote that I’m obsessed with the dainty sized bags. This Balenciaga mini is no exception. Have you seen the original sized City that girls are carrying around? It’s great if you want a roomy bag, but for girls like me who like the space but hate it when inconsiderate people throw their £40 high street brand bag at your designer one when they sit next to you on the bus, this is a great size for keeping your baby safe but still carry what you need. For me, that means my long wallet, my diary, coin purse, Kindle, keys, work badge, travel sized bottle of contact solution, lip balm, tissue and a foldable reusable shopping bag.

Image Hosted by
Balenciaga City compared to the Mini City

Especially with the slightly more affordable price tag for the Mini City (the original sized City is £1250), let’s hope this size continues into other seasons, because it’s definitely one of the bags on my handbag wishlist!

The other entry that really made my inner self squeal in delight is the Rockstud collection by Valentino. When I buy designer goods, I like to pay for the quality of haute couture workmanship and the unique style of the bag. For example, I like the history and style of the Cannage stitching with Dior, with Balenciaga it’s the individual style of the City. With the Valentino Rockstud, it’s the studs and the colour palette they’ve introduced.

Image Hosted by
Valentino Rockstud strappy yellow heels

Not that I’m too keen on pointed shoes, but if they have these in a nice pink colour and they’re comfortable to walk in, I’m definitely interested!

What really interests me though are the pale pink and fuschia bags in this next photo:

Image Hosted by
Valentino Rockstud handbag selection

Anybody else drooling over these rock goodies?


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