In the meantime…

My lovely friend Hélène sent me this photo of her wearing the Black Watch dress I made at her request.

Image Hosted by

She asked for this dress to be made specifically to match the necklace my partner and I got her for Christmas from Tartan Twist:

Image Hosted by

I was definitely pleased to hear all the compliments she was getting for the dress, how well it fit, etc :p

Will try to get more done on the faux fox fur stole before I leave for my holiday to Pakistan for my friend’s wedding, but in the meantime, here’s another delight I’d like to share of my other hobby: baking. It’s my first attempt at making red velvet cake truffles (also known as cake pops or cake balls in America, ‘truffles’ sound better) by following the instructions from Iowa Girl Eats, but using The Hummingbird Bakery’s cake and frosting recipe from their book, The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, gifted to me for Christmas so many years ago:

Image Hosted by

A tip: If you’re melting chocolate, put pan of water on the stove on low heat, the chocolate in another pan on top, but not touching the water and once it’s all melted, remove this from the heat to avoid overheating the chocolate. That was my first mistake. The second in trying to fix it was putting milk in. If you think about hot chocolate, it never solifies because of the milk. So if you want the chocolate to be a bit more runny, add cream instead. To drizzle, it’s best to just heat the white chocolate, but don’t add anything else to it. Trust me.


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