Custom design shoes without the designer price tag?

I discovered this site while browsing through Google and if you’re as obsessed about shoes in general, or more importantly, finding that perfect pair to fit your personality and style, look no further than Shoes of Prey! A company based in Australia, you can use their design feature on their website to create that perfect shoe you’ve always wanted, from fishscale leather, genuine snakeskin to vegan leather!

You are in charge of the style (high heel, ballet flats, platform heels, wedges, ankle boots), the height of the heel, the type of materials used (for heels, you can choose different materials for the heel, the inner lining, the sole and the main part of the shoe), the shape of the toe, the back, decorations and overlays (like lace) and the fit (narrow or wide feet).

With that in mind, I couldn’t help but design myself a pair and this is the final result I received in the mail:

They fit great and while I had some adjustments I wanted to make to them, Customer Service is great and they reply very quickly to my suggestions and e-mails and are overall very helpful in ensuring I receive the perfect pair of shoes.

Prices range from £109 for flats to £239 for ankle boots. As they note on their website, you also get FREE courier delivery worldwide and you don’t even need to worry about customs fees! What more can you ask for?Start designing your perfect pair of shoes (there is no obligation to purchase the pair – or pairs! – of shoes you design using this feature) here at Shoes of Prey.


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