This is My Scotland: my story

Kilt company MacGregor and MacDuff aren’t just passionate about their kilts; they’re also passionate about their Scottish heritage. The company began in 1979 on Bath Street in Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr MacGregor and enigmatic American businessman, Mr Scollin. Three brothers David, Gerald and Dominic took over the business venture when this was sold in 2002 and work hard to continue the ethos, traditions and high standards set on both retail and manufacturing fronts left behind by the two co-founders.

The company was looking for people to share their stories about what makes Scotland great and what they love about this beautiful country. This is a question that deeply resonates with me since I’ve now made Scotland my home and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

I decided to share my story.

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An EdFringe-worthy introduction: Gillian Cosgriff explains, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things 

If you ever come to visit, there are two things about Edinburgh you really need to experience: the first is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which normally runs from the first to the last weekends of August; and the second is Edinburgh Hogmanay. The first shows of the Fringe kicked off last week (4th August) and all visitors and residents alike are on the hunt for the best of this year’s festival for ready to be amazed, to laugh and be entertained. It can be a bit of a minefield trying to find the right shows to watch with each venue issuing their own programmes and free Fringe acts publishing separate booklets. It all comes down to spending time poring through programmes and picking the ones with interesting titles or descriptions…or recommendations from those who have already been to such shows.

I’m still navigating my way around the programmes to decide on shows to attend, so when award-winning musical comedian Gillian Cosgriff invited me along to her show This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things about procrastination, drinking, voicemail, humiliation, and one very ugly bag, I was intrigued and went along to the show to find out more about this ugly abg.

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Living Parallel Lives: how to make a difference with The Princes Trust

Almost all of us will have been fortunate growing up. We had family to support us through difficult times, give us the financial support we needed to get through school and further education, provide shelter and meet our basic needs. Have you ever thought how different our lives would be if we didn’t have those basic needs met? If we, as a young person or adult, had to find other ways to make ends meet, to support ourselves? Some of you might have already, or still are, experiencing this: homelessness, mental health issues, abuse.

It’s not an easy life, but with over 40 years under their belt, The Princes Trust have a strong message to spread. The charity wants raise awareness on hardship people go through and that they’re here to support them with their latest campaign, Parallel Lives.

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Looking for a Sygn: another burger joint review post

I love my burgers, so much so that I’ve become a real judge of whether a burger is good or not. By my own standards, that is. I’ve heard about Sygn Bar and Kitchen, but I’d never passed by it. I wasn’t sure whether it would be worthy of my picky tastebuds, but I can gladly say they’ve proved to be one place I’d definitely go back to.

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Exploring the Scottish street food scene: The Pitt market

The best way to experience food of a country is through its street food. Literally speaking, you buy your food on the street and eat it there. Street food was never really a Scottish (or British) thing; here you tend to buy your food to takeaway somewhere to sit and eat, or you stay to consume your food in the restaurant or café. After reading about fellow bloggers’ posts (see here and here), I was keen to try the offerings of local restaurants and stalls at The Pitt food market located on Pitt Street in Leith. Continue reading “Exploring the Scottish street food scene: The Pitt market”

Dairy free and vegan delight: garlic and herb cashew cheese recipe

I’ve spoken freely about my food intolerance and one of the most problematic ones for me is my lactose intolerance. You can’t really have pasta or pizza without cheese, creme brûlée without cream and milk or mushroom soup without cream. I’ve really come to appreciate the different types of cheese you can get in the shops and it’s something I really enjoy adding to my meals.

I wasn’t sure what to replace cheese with as a dairy free/vegan alternative…until I discovered the wonder of vegan cheese through The Buddhist Chef. Now, I’m pleased to say that my first attempt at making vegan cheese has been a success and I’m sharing my altered recipe with you.

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Learning basic day to night makeup techniques with GlamCandy

I have met and worked with the team at GlamCandy on several occasions – one of their makeup artists even did my wedding make up! (see here, here and here) – and they have been nothing but warm, friendly and highly skilled professionals in the make up scene.

The school, which offers various hair and makeup courses (see here) recently set up shop on William Street. Jen (of blog Tartan Brunette) and I were invited along to their new premises to attend a makeup masterclass demonstration with several other ladies.

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Finding our Colour IDs with Colour Elements and Kakao by K

A group of Edinburgh Bloggers and I were invited to Kakao by K, an independent boutique that offers chic and affordable Scandanavian designs sourced by owner, Karina. The shop offers clothing and accessories that bring with it a sense of Scandinavia: stylish, affordable, good quality and yet practical. For a group of women who love to look for stylish and good quality clothes, we were like children in a sweet shop.

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Celebrating diversity: #thisisme rooftop garden party at The Glasshouse

We live in a world full of people, of different cultures and of different sexualities. It seems, following recent news, that some feel they are justified in speaking publicly about their dislike for people from other countries or those of the LGBT community. In my view, where we’re from, the colour of our skin and our sexuality doesn’t define who we are; our personalities and actions do. In no uncertain terms do I tolerate racism or discrimination against any protected characteristics, this is not something we should even let happen and nobody should have the right to judge people for something that is part of who they are.

In light of this, I was delighted to attend along with Jen from Tartan Brunette to the Inclusive Networks’ #ThisIsMe rooftop garden part at 5* hotel, The Glasshouse, to celebrate diversity.

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