I love Bodega’s tacos, yes I do!

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s the food I eat and make. It has to be just right, otherwise it just won’t do: noodles and pasta should be al dente; seafood should not be too chewy or too soggy; meat should be tender, not dry and tough; bread and buns should be light, soft and springy to the touch and not heavy in the stomach; portion sizes should be just right and not be too big or filling; and flavours, no matter how unusual the combination should complement each other. Edinburgh’s taqueria, Bodega, is another eatery that meets all these requirements for me.

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Eating my way around Hong Kong: in photos

Eating is one of my favourite things to do whenever I’m back in Hong Kong. There are so many local dishes that you just can’t get elsewhere, maybe if you’ve got a Chinatown near you, but most of the street foods are those from nearby regions in China or local dishes that are very much a part of growing up in Hong Kong.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends who mentioned going to a Chinese restaurant in an Western country and being served food from one menu while Chinese people speak to the staff and are served a completely different set of dishes that aren’t available on the menu they’d been given. I’ve never had this experience before, but then again seeing the dishes that are offered on takeaway menus here in Edinburgh, I normally don’t bother ordering and tend to cook my own Chinese food at home.

To give you an idea of what to eat and what you can expect from Hong Kong, I’ve put together a few of my own recommendations of where you can go. If you’ve got friends in Hong Kong, the easiest way would be to ask them to take you to the restaurants they like best, but here are some suggestions for where to go. You can also use the OpenRice site or app (a review site where users post photos and reviews of restaurants in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzen) to see where others suggest you go for, say, vegan food, or thought of a particular restaurant if you’ve been recommended one.

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Introducing my hometown: what to see in Hong Kong

When I’ve been asked where I’m from, a lot of people I’ve met have expressed their interest in visiting Hong Kong someday. Given the distance of travel from the UK to South East Asia (approximately 12-14 hours or more depending on where you are), this has been a major deterrent for those who aren’t keen on flying. Having lived there for the first 23 years of my life and visits every couple years, there are a lot that I feel my home country has to offer and I’d like to share with you, from a local’s perspective, the best parts to see. To start, I’ll be sharing where to go.

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Day out for the ladies: Girls’ Day Out Glasgow 2016

If you’re looking for a day to spend with friends while getting everything from facials to fashion, fine dining to fake tan, you’ll find everything a modern woman needs at the Girls’ Day Out 2016 event between Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th December. I obviously hadn’t been paying much attention, but when the organisers sent me a blogger pass to the event, I knew this would be something right up my alley.

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Exploring Chiang Mai, Part 2: Talking Buddhism, great food and life at David’s Kitchen At 909

When on holiday, you want to eat like the locals, but when a restaurant is highly recommended (like voted #1 on TripAdvisor and won Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurant awards in 2015 and 2016 highly recommended), you know you’ve got to try it when you’re there. David’s Kitchen in Chiang Mai might be a bit off the beaten track (it’s 10 minutes from the city centre), but you’ll soon see why it’s worth the trip in a tuk tuk (like a motorised rickshaw). The restaurant is fully booked every night (except Sundays which is their only day off) and it’s not hard to see why. Continue reading “Exploring Chiang Mai, Part 2: Talking Buddhism, great food and life at David’s Kitchen At 909”

Exploring Chiang Mai, Part 1: markets, traditional food and shopping

I don’t get much chance to do it these days, but when the opportunity arises, I absolutely love to travel and see the world. My sister, brother and I were very privileged growing up in that my dad wanted us to see the world, to see and learn more about other cultures and admire their history. When my sister suggested a trip with our mum to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, that was one trip I immediately jumped up and down and shouted ‘YES!’…out loud to my phone. Continue reading “Exploring Chiang Mai, Part 1: markets, traditional food and shopping”

California dining: review of Redwood Bistro

When you enjoy eating out as much as me and have tried various Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, steakhouse and burger establishments, sometimes you want a bit of ‘wow’ factor to keep you on your foodie toes. American dining has been stereotyped as mostly burger joints, breakfast consisting of waffles or pancakes with a large selection of sweet treats on offer. When Redwood Bistro opened, the OH’s boss gave us a voucher as a wedding present to dine at the neighbourhood bistro and since that first visit, we’ve visited a couple more times since can’t recommend it enough to friends and family. Continue reading “California dining: review of Redwood Bistro”

Discovering green, ethical and cruetly free cleaning: ecoegg Laundry Eggs

The OH and I had watched several videos and read blog posts and articles on the ecoegg Laundry Eggs. I wasn’t sure how to replace common household items with cruelty free alternatives, but when we came across these eggs, we thought they were worth a try. The only thing the OH can’t fathom is how the eggs work and how they stop producing froth with cleaning agents during the rinse cycle. There was only one way for us to find out.

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Tartan tea dress: inspirations behind the project

I’m constantly on the look out for new designs or fabrics to inspire my next project. Since I got married and made my own tartan shawl in the OH’s family tartan, (see photos from our 2015 wedding here and wedding sewing/DIY projects here), I keep thinking about how I can bring in more of Scottish culture and history into my designs.

One that I feel personal about is the OH’s family tartan. Unfortunately I learned from making the wedding stole (see here) that the family hunting tartan is not one that is sold commercially so will cost more for this particular tartan to be sourced (the half metre of light woolen tartan fabric cost me about £36 for the stole). Even if I can’t use the OHs’ family tartan, I figured I can still use another tartan for my next dressmaking project.

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Updates on my cut out back dress: how to machine sew a buttonhole

I bought a vintage pattern for making a cut out back dress a while ago but I never had the chance to really use it. I hadn’t found the right fabric for the dress I had in mind (see my previous post with inspirations here).

When I did finally find fabric that I really liked, I didn’t hesitate to buy it online. The only issue was it was in quite see through printed chiffon fabric. With the cut out back dress, I would definitely need a lining, but I would also need to work out the logistics on how to hide the sewing on the seams.

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