Looking back on our wedding: tips for planning your big day

Time really does fly, whether you’re having fun or not! It seemed like just earlier this year that I was planning our wedding and today we’re celebrating our first wedding anniversary!

Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life (including starting university or college, starting your first job, finding your first love, having your first child…the list goes on) and it involves, like with other important milestones, a lot of preparation, stress and high emotions. With all the planning involved, I thought it might be helpful for prospective brides to hear some of what I learned from spending 2.5 years planning our 2015 wedding.

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Time for some food and Salsa! in London

While we were having fun in London (see my previous post here), we still need to fill our bellies to give us the energy to keep going the rest of the evening. Everyone was keen to take up a night of salsa dancing with dinner, so a table had been booked ahead of time at Salsa! at Charing Cross.

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Ain’t never played golf like this before: Junkyard Golf Club London

I was recently in London for my friend’s hen do and while I’ve been there often, it’s such a big city that I often seem to be discovering new places to explore. On this occasion, we headed to East London play some variation of crazy golf: Junkyard Golf.

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My Unfiltered Life: what it’s like living with depression

See Me Scotland, an alliance of five mental health organisations, has been working hard to end mental health stigma. The campaigns #MyUnfilteredLife and #PowerofOkay seeks to encourage people to speak about their experiences and show that what we see on social media isn’t all fields of flowers and sparkles. It’s not socially polite to talk about your personal issues when someone asks ‘how was your day?’, but we want to change that.

As part of the #MyUnfilteredLife campaign, I shared a photo of my room to show just how imperfect I really am.

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Celebrating diversity in women: supporting the Underneath We Are Women campaign

Society norms have shaped our ideals of how women and men should look to be seen as ‘attractive’. If we don’t look like thin, shapely female celebrities (or sculpted, muscular male celebrities with ripped abs), how can we possibly hope to attract a member of the opposite sex when our physical appearance is the first thing people notice about us?

Women feel great pressure to look our best in a bikini, be strong and independent in a society where inequality is a constant battle we fight on a daily basis. When I recently read an article (see here) that empowers women to embrace their bodies (shape, scars and all) through the Underneath We Are Women project.

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Scouting Edinburgh Vegan Festival 2016

I’ve previously explained that I’m not a vegan, but I do like to make an effort (where I can) to spare the animals on our planet any suffering where possible (see here). I can see the benefits converting to veganism and I admire the commitment of vegans from removing meat and animal products completely from their lives. For someone who has grown up with meat and animal products featuring heavily in my life, I can fully appreciate the decision to consider the welfare of animals (and all living beings) is not a difficult choice to make.

I am intrigued by the vegan way of life and would like to make a conscious effort to choose vegetarian or vegan as much as possible. When I found out about the Vegan Festival in Edinburgh last weekend, the OH and I went along to find out more about the companies out there that provide amazing products for the vegans around Edinburgh.


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Celebrating the opening of TK Maxx in Edinburgh city centre!

I love a good shop just as much as the next woman, but sometimes paying full price for a designer handbag makes my bank account weep (and I might be a bit reluctant to hand over my debit card to see all my hard earned savings deplete). Designer outlets were never a big thing in Hong Kong so when you catch wind of an exclusive designer sale (or pop up outlet), everyone scrabbles to get the best items like it’s Black Friday.

Last week saw the launch of the TK Maxx St Andrew Square store which was an exciting new development for all.

TK Maxx opens the doors to its newest store, St Andrews Square; Edinburgh, offering designer labels for less to Scottish savvy shoppers.. Aug 18 2016

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This is My Scotland: my story

Kilt company MacGregor and MacDuff aren’t just passionate about their kilts; they’re also passionate about their Scottish heritage. The company began in 1979 on Bath Street in Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr MacGregor and enigmatic American businessman, Mr Scollin. Three brothers David, Gerald and Dominic took over the business venture when this was sold in 2002 and work hard to continue the ethos, traditions and high standards set on both retail and manufacturing fronts left behind by the two co-founders.

The company was looking for people to share their stories about what makes Scotland great and what they love about this beautiful country. This is a question that deeply resonates with me since I’ve now made Scotland my home and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

I decided to share my story.

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Discovering local Scottish craft talent: Craft Scotland Summer Show 2016

Running for its fourth year, Craft Scotland Summer Show has set up shop right in the centre of town so visitors and Edinburgh residents alike can sample the beautiful crafts made by Scotland’s finest talents. Featuring 31 makers’ crafts, visitors can browse beautiful paper homeware, sterling silver jewellery with other unique materials (like elastic or bone), textiles and more.

I’ve attended one of their Meet Your Maker events a couple years ago at Dovecot Studios and I enjoyed it very much. Craft Scotland invited several Edinburgh bloggers and myself to preview the handmade crafts from each designer where we were also got stuck into creating our own craft projects.

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