A craps table is a table with which you can bet on the outcome of the game of craps. It may be called a craps table because the way the game is played with the particular table is similar to that of a betting game like craps.

In the game of craps, a poker-type betting game is played. When you are in the game of craps, the card on the top of the playing area of the table represents your hand. But since this type of game differs from other types of games in the sense that the cards don’t always come straight out from the deck like in the other games, it is not possible to make a straight bet. So when you have a game of craps, you will have to make a “crooked” bet that will mean that you will get something that is not straight or if you lose, then you have to roll the same card that you just made a stake on, or else you will lose all the money that you had bet.

In the game of craps, one card is played on each slot of the table. Each card represents a value depending on its suit and face value. The most important factor that determines the value of the card is the number of times it has been turned up.

There are three suits that you can choose from in the game of craps. The high, low, and aces are the three suit of the game. When the ace is turned up, then you will pay the maximum amount that is legal for the card.

After the face card, there are three more cards that you can play. There are cards that come straight out of the top deck of the playing area and there are cards that come from the top deck. If you decide to play a straight card, then the jack and king of the top deck and ace and queen of the bottom deck are your choices. But if you don’t want to bet the ace and queen, then you can play any of the cards that you see on the top deck of the table.

After you have played the cards, the cards are now turned up to be replayed. This is when the bets begin. The way the bets are made are based on the value of the face cards that are to be played.

You can use cards from the bottom deck to bet that you want to bet on. If the cards are played straight and the ace and queen are played, then you can bet on those cards to win the jack and king of the top deck and ace and queen of the bottom deck.

Then again, if you don’t see the card that you want to bet on, then you can bet that you don’t want to bet on that game, and so you can bet on any other card on the table that you want to bet on. Now this is a craps table that is highly beneficial in getting the financial gains when you bet in this gambling game.